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Rust: Best Place To Get Weapons

Are you struggling to get your first gun in Rust? Fear not here is how you get your first and best places where you can find them.
Rust: Best Place To Get Weapons

Finding a gun in Rust is vital for your survival because you need to defend yourself from wildlife and other players. Finding a gun in Rust might be difficult if you don't have any blueprints for crafting one, especially for beginners.

There are many ways to find weapons in Rust and we will discuss the best places and most popular ways of getting one. Without further ado let's jump into the guide about the best places to find guns in Rust.

Rust: The Best Places To Get Weapons


Monuments (Medium Danger)


Doing monument puzzles in Rust is one of the easiest and most popular ways to get weapons. There are lots of crates you can loot in monuments, from these crates you can get weapons, scrap, and also components for crafting guns later on.

Monuments in Rust are categorized into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Tier 1 monuments require Green Keycard, Tier 2 require Blue Keycard and Tier 3 monuments require Red Keycard. Your chances of finding a weapon will increase according to the tier of this monument.

Finding a weapon from Tier 1 monuments is rare, so you can loot these monuments for components or use them to recycle your items.

Best Tier 3 Monuments For Finding Weapons
  • Launch Site
  • Military Tunnels
Best Tier 2 Monuments For Finding Weapons
  • Airfield
  • Power Plant
  • Train Yard

Cargo Ship (High Danger)


Cargo Ship offers you three Locked Crates and these Locked Crates have a timer of 15 minutes and contain extremely rare high-tier loot, so it is almost impossible for you to leave Cargo Ship without finding a gun.

However, as you would expect, other players will want to take this Cargo Ship, which has such a good loot rate and only spawns at certain times. So, there is a high chance of PvP here according to the population of the server.

Oil Rig (High Danger)


Oil Rig is another great place for finding guns in Rust. Just like on the Cargo Ship, you are almost guaranteed to leave with a gun. This place is also a hotspot for PvP, and you can find one Locked Crate here.

You will need a Red Keycard for starting the countdown of Locked Crate. After the countdown started a Cargo Helicopter will arrive and leave Heavy Scientists on the helipad. You should find yourself a good cover to take them out.

Trading With Other Players (Low Danger)


Trading with other players in Rust is the safest way to get guns. Players with decent loot will start to build shops on their bases and if you joined the server on the second day of the wipe you can easily buy weapons from other players.

You don't even have to be face-to-face with them if you see shops after you open your map with the "G" button, you can buy them with the help of drones. You just need to go to the Bandit Camp or Outpost and find the Drone Station.

After that, you can buy remotely what players offer from this station after you pay the 20 Scrap delivery fee.

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