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Where To Find Keycards In Rust: All Green, Blue & Red Card Locations

Are you a fan of Keycards? Well, we are too! Learn where to find all the Keycards in Rust in this guide.
Where To Find Keycards In Rust: All Green, Blue & Red Card Locations

Have you ever wondered how to get all the different Keycards in Rust? Well, look no further. This guide will detail all the locations and methods for getting them. It's worth noting that there are three types of Keycards in Rust: Green, Blue, and Red, of which dozens are scattered around the map.

But beware: these locations will be a hotspot for activity, so be prepared to fight for your precious cards. While the Keycard locations in Rust are challenging to acquire, they are worth fighting for because they grant access to loot rooms with a generous bounty. So here's how to get every Keycard in Rust and how to use them.

All Green Keycard Locations In Rust


The Green Keycard is the easiest card to obtain in Rust and provides access to the basic loot rooms. These areas contain valuable resources but require higher security clearance: the coveted Blue Keycards. Therefore, it's worth your time spent looking for them. You can find Green Keycards on the bodies of Military Tunnel Scientists or Roaming Scientists; however, we've provided a few more locations below.

  • Gas Station: Look for the keycard on the table in the back office of the Gas Station.

  • Supermarket: The keycard is located in the back office of the Supermarket.

  • Junkyard: In the Junkyard, head to the office room above the bridge to find the Green Keycard. Keep in mind that this area is popular and can be highly contested.

  • Lighthouse: To obtain the Green Keycard in the Lighthouse, you must swim to it. Be careful not to be spotted by other players camping above you, as the floor has gaps that can be seen through.

  • Underwater Labs: Although the Underwater Labs are randomly generated, you can always count on finding a Green Keycard inside.

  • Small Oil Rig: The Green Keycard can be obtained by solving the Blue Keycard puzzle door. Ensure you eliminate all scientists beforehand and prepare for potential resistance once you get through the door.

  • Large Oil Rig: Look for the Green Keycard on the desk inside the Green Keycard Puzzle room on the Large Oil Rig.

All Blue Keycard Locations In Rust


In Rust, obtaining a Blue Keycard is necessary to access higher-level rooms and loot. Here are some locations where you can find the Blue Keycard:

  • Satellite: The first location to obtain the Blue Keycard is the Satellite monument. To access the Green Card Puzzle room where the Blue Keycard is located in Rust, you'll need to provide a fuse to power it up. Look for the fuse box in a shed near the satellite and place the fuse in it. This will power the puzzle room which will open with a Green card, where you'll find the Blue Keycard.

  • Small and Large Harbours: The Harbours have two different puzzle rooms, depending on whether you're playing on the small or large map. In the Small Harbour, you'll need to locate the two-story container building and place a fuse on the bottom floor. Then, turn on the switch and use a Green Keycard on the second level of the container to enter the puzzle room where the Blue Keycard is located. In the Large Harbour, you'll find the rooms in the center of the area. As with the Satellite, you'll need a fuse to power the Green Card Puzzle room and a Green Keycard to access it. Once inside, you'll find the Blue Keycard and other valuable loot.

  • Sewer Branch: The Sewer Branch is another location where you can find a Blue Keycard in Rust. To obtain it, you'll need to locate the power room outside the tunnels and use a fuse to power it up. Then, hit the switch and head underground. Next, use a Green Keycard to enter the puzzle room, where you'll find the Blue Keycard waiting for you on a table in the center of the sewer system.

All Red Keycard Locations In Rust


The Red Keycard in Rust is the hardest card to obtain but also the most rewarding, granting access to some of the game's most valuable loot rooms. Here are some locations where you can find the Red Keycard:

  • Water Treatment: This is the first place you'll need to go to obtain the Red Keycard. Locate the fuse box inside the three-level metal shed, place the fuse, and start the timer. Then, run to the long metal building with the small shed attached, and use your Blue Keycard to enter the Blue puzzle room. Once inside, you'll find the Red Keycard waiting for you on a desk.

  • Airfield: To obtain the Red Keycard at the Airfield, you'll need one Green Keycard and the fuse for the first door and one Blue Keycard and the fuse for the second door. Start by locating the office block and inserting the first fuse. Then, go across the Airfield to the hangers and find the tunnel entrance to the underground. Once underground, head left to find the Green door and use your Green Keycard to enter. Next, use your second fuse to power the Blue door, then use your Blue Keycard to enter the next room. Here, you'll find the Red Keycard and high-level loot. Be prepared for a fight, as this is a high-danger area.

  • Power Plant: At the Power Plant, you'll need to get through a Green puzzle door followed by an additional Blue puzzle door to obtain the Red Keycard. First, locate the three-story metal building and activate the first switch. Then, run across the Power Plant to find the shed with the slanted roof and activate the timer to power the Keycard doors. Next, use your Green Keycard to enter the puzzle room in the main building, activate the last switch on the first floor, and head up two flights of stairs to find the Blue Keycard door. Power it with a fuse around the corner on the same level, and enter the room to find the Red Keycard on the desk.

  • Trainyard: At the Trainyard, locate the switch in the three-story shed and activate it. Then, head to the top of the large tower and activate the second switch. In the central building, use a fuse to gain access to the Blue puzzle room upstairs. Use your Blue Keycard to enter the room and obtain the Red Keycard, but be prepared to deal with multiple scientists along the way.

  • Arctic Base: The Arctic Base is guarded by Arctic Scientists, so be ready for a fight. Find the garages, and use your Blue Keycard to access the garage on the left; you will find the Red card and other loot once inside.

And that's where to find all the Keycards in Rust. We hope you enjoyed this lengthy and in-depth guide on all the Keycards locations and how to get them.

All images featured in this guide are courtesy of YouTube / Jfarr.

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