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Rust Weapon Tier List: Top 10 Best Guns To Use

Are you looking for the best guns in Rust? Fear not -- check out the ultimate weapons tier list of the top 10 guns in the game.
Rust Weapon Tier List: Top 10 Best Guns To Use

Are you looking to gain an edge and unleash devastating firepower on your enemies? Say no more! In this guide, we'll share the top 10 guns to use in Rust, highlighting the best, brightest, and boldest choices for players of all play styles. Our carefully curated tier list includes weapons that are objectively better than others, but we encourage you to try out ones that suit your style best.

So whether you prefer to take a long-range approach or charge in like Rambo, this guide will detail the best guns you need to finish the job. So get ready to elevate your game and dominate in Rust with the absolute best of the best guns in Rust. Alright, enough time-wasting! Let's dive into our guide and uncover the weapons you should include in your arsenal!

What Is The Best Gun In Rust?

The best gun to use in Rust is the AK-47. This is the best and most popular automatic rifle at the top of the S-tier Rust weapons list. It has a reasonably high rate of fire and deals extremely good damage. In simple terms, it is a lethal weapon in almost anyone's hands. However, its recoil can be off-putting for new players, but that shouldn't stop you from trying it out against your foes.

Rust Weapon Tier List: Best Guns To Use


In the next section, you'll find the ultimate weapons tier list in Rust. While we've made every attempt to keep this guide as accurate as possible, there is a certain degree of subjectivity. That said, please be advised that this tier list is also based somewhat on the author's opinions. We've ranked every gun according to the following tiers:

Tier Tier Description
S-tier These guns are simply the best and are better than all the rest. Though, any weapon in this category will have solid damage and accuracy. They are truly forces to be reckoned with.
A-tier These guns in Rust are still very good and reliable, boasting serious damage and overall good usability. They're just not as good as those in the S-tier but are still highly competitive. 
B-tier These weapons will get the job done. They're not bad, but not amazing, either. That being said, they're still good enough to shed a tear in your enemy's eye.

Are you looking to dominate in Rust and easily take down your enemies? While all weapons may get the job done, why settle for anything less than the best? In this next section, we'll share the top guns in Rust that will give you a competitive edge and help you come out on top in battles.

Rust: S-Tier Guns

LR-300 Assault Rifle

The LR-300 is a powerful automatic rifle fairly similar to the AK-47 in terms of damage and accuracy; however, it has substantially less recoil. As a result, it's a good choice for players who want something closer to an AK-47 but with easier recoil control.

Bolt Action Rifle

The Bolt Action Rifle is a powerful long-range rifle that can destroy enemies with a single shot to the head. It boasts pin-point precision accuracy and has easy-to-handle recoil, making it a solid choice for players who prefer long-range combat in Rust.

Custom SMG

The Custom SMG in Rust is an automatic weapon with a fiercely high rate of fire and decent accuracy. It's a popular choice for "spray-and-pray" combat - perfect for mid-range combat.

Rust: A-Tier Guns

Semi-Automatic Rifle

The Semi-Automatic Rifle is reliable and accurate in Rust with a decent fire rate. With its high damage, it's a good all-around weapon that can be used for long and medium-range combat.

Thompson Submachine Gun

The Thompson is a fast-firing automatic weapon with decent accuracy and low recoil. It's a good choice for close to medium-range combat in Rust, but its damage output is lower than some of its counterparts. In this regard, it's not as functional as guns in the S-tier, but it still gets the job done.

Python Revolver

The Python Revolver is a great tool for negotiation -- a strong revolver that deals high damage and has good accuracy. It's a reliable choice for players who prefer slower-firing, high-damage weapons. It also makes a statement.

Rust B-Tier Guns

M249 Machine Gun 

The M249 is a rare and pricy weapon found only through airdrops or purchased from the bandit camp. Even though it has a high rate of fire and deals good damage, its recoil is difficult to control, and thus it will remain in the B-tier of the Rust weapons tier list.

Double Barrel Shotgun 

The Double Barrel Shotgun is a powerful close-range weapon that can destroy enemies with a single shot. However, its poor range and fire rate keep it from climbing to the higher tiers.

Waterpipe Shotgun 

The Waterpipe Shotgun is the poor man's shotgun in Rust. It will, without a doubt, do the job, but not much more. It has a slow reload time and a low level of accuracy. That being said, its true strength lies in the sadness your enemy will feel after being killed by it.

And there you have it! That concludes our Rust guns tier list. We hope you will find this guide useful and that this list of the best weapons in the game will help you survive and win your upcoming battles! While the AK-47 is a top-tier weapon, the other contenders on this list are also formidable and good choices that can help you survive and thrive in Rust.

All images featured in this guide are courtesy of Facepunch Studios.

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