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Rust Loot Crate Guide: How & Where To Find The Best Loot

Discover everything about loot crates in Rust. From basic crates to military crates, this guide details their contents and where to find them.
Rust Loot Crate Guide: How & Where To Find The Best Loot

Are you looking to get ahead in Rust? Then you need loot crates in Rust! Finding these boxes throughout the game's world is one of the best ways to get items to guarantee success. Better still, there are at least 16 different crate types and barrels to discover.

From basic crates to military crates and everything in between, we've got you covered. So gear up and get ready to explore Rust's best loot locations. In this guide, we will discuss each crate type, where to find them, and some of the loot they offer. So get ready to go loot crate hunting in Rust.

Rust: Loot Crate Locations & Contents



The barrel is not technically a loot crate in Rust, but it's still essential to find. This is because it guarantees two scraps per barrel. There are two types of barrels: blue and tan, each with the same loot table.

Basic Crate

Basic crates are found inside monuments like the Underwater Lab in Rust. You can also find them in junk piles, making them the most commonly found crates. Players can expect to find two random items inside these crates.

They don't contain high-tier loot but offer decent starting items like cloth, wood, stone, metal fragments, food, water, and low-tier weapons such as the bow and the spear.

Medical Crate

Players can find medical crates inside specific monuments but not on the roads. Each container usually contains a single item, such as syringes or medical supplies. However, players may also stumble upon advanced medical items, such as the medkit and antidote, as well as low and mid-tier weapons like the nail gun and water pipe shotgun. 

Food Crate

Players can find food crates in specific monuments. These crates typically contain three items, including raw and cooked food items like meat, vegetables, chocolate, corn, and basic resources such as leather and cloth. Low-tier weapons like the bone knife can also be found within these crates.

Ration Box

Like food crates, ration boxes are everywhere, from outside monuments to junk piles. These crates offer nearly the same loot as food crates, albeit with up to three items inside.

Mine Crate

Mine crates are found outside and inside caves and can offer early-game metal tools and resources. They look identical to basic crates but offer less loot. Typical items include ore and minerals, such as sulfur and high-quality metal.

Players can also find low to mid-tier weapons, such as the revolver and the semi-automatic pistol, and advanced resources, such as explosives and gunpowder.

Primitive Crate

The primitive crate is found within small monuments and contains the lowest loot tier. Players can expect to find about two items per crate.

Sunken Crate & Chest

The sunken crate can be a little more challenging to obtain as it is found underwater, lying on or beside shipwrecks. Players can locate the crate by finding the floating bottle on the water's surface, which indicates the loot's location.

The crate typically contains four items. On the other hand, the sunken chest offers six highly desirable loot.

Tool Box

The toolbox is an excellent crate for early-game metal tools, weapons, and armor. It's found on junk piles and around certain monuments, with roughly two items inside.

Players can find basic tools such as hatchets, pickaxes, and low to mid-tier weapons, such as the shotgun and the Thompson. In addition, you can find basic resources such as metal fragments and scrap.

Rust: Military Crate and Supply Drop Loot


Military Crate

Military crates are harder to come by as they are found within radiated monuments but offer high-tier loot. Players can find around three items inside, including military-grade weapons and ammunition.

Additionally, these crates contain high-tier weapons like the M249 and L96 sniper rifle and high-end armor, such as the heavy armor set and riot helmet. Advanced resources like C4 explosives, rockets, and rare items such as the silencer attachment and the targeting computer can also be found.

Treasure Box

The treasure box is only obtainable after completing the Vagabond Treasure Mission for the Hunter NPC found at the large barn in Rust. The mission costs 25 scrap to initiate, and the loot inside can make it all worth it.

Once accepted, players must go to the mission icon on the map to find the crate. Typically, players can find around five items inside.

Supply Drop

Supply drops are air-dropped from passing planes, either randomly or upon player request using supply signals. These drops create a hotspot for action, visible and audible to everyone across the map.

Upon reaching the supply drop, players can expect to find approximately eight items, including high-tier weapons and armor. However, as these supply drops are highly contested, bringing guns and friends is essential to make the experience smoother and safer.

That wraps up our loot crate guide for Rust. We want to extend a special thank you to YouTuber Jfarr for all the images featured in this guide.

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