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Best Starter Presets In Tarkov Arena

These are the best Escape from Tarkov Arena presets for beginners to start with.
Best Starter Presets In Tarkov Arena
Battlestate Games

Starting on Escape from Tarkov Arena can seem daunting to those who don't understand presets and class progression. Beginners struggle to build progression within the Arena due to selecting the wrong presets and allocating progress to the wrong areas. 

This guide will explain the best presets to use in Escape from Tarkov Arena and how the progression works, helping your overall Arena career! 

The Best Starter Presets For Escape From Tarkov: Arena

65a134214dc95-Assault preset.JPG
Image: Battlestate Games

Progression within Arena works through leveling up specific classes, for example, players that use the "Guard" class will gain progression to unlocking the "Ratnik" class. Similarly using the "stargazer" class, leading to both "Chappie" and "Farmer" unlocks. This is all within the assault preset section, leveling up your assault presets.

The Assault preset's "Guard" class is the best class to use for beginners looking for adaptability within the Arena. Guard provides level-three armor, an SKS, and a grenade, allowing players to fight in a great series of locations comfortably.

The Guard class allows for a comfortable fighting experience through the lightweight yet powerful SKS, allowing for closer range and more agile battles; beating those higher-level players. 

65a136fd5584b-CQB ATTIK.JPG
Image: Battlestate Games

The CQB preset "Attic" provides a challenging yet rewarding experience for beginners within the Arena. Despite being a difficult class to operate, Attic offers the best progression tree in Escape from Tarkov Arena, leading to future domination. 

Attic has the sole use of being close and personal, however, the lack of a weapon scope or stock leads to uncertainty within most combat experiences. After using Attic for a few games, players will unlock "Raider" and "Papasha" which are excellent classes to use. 

65a13856a5f5d-Plantain Scout.JPG
Image: Battlestate Games

The Scout preset "Plantain" provides an excellent run-and-gun class and progression tree, leading to great upcoming classes that will annihilate the arena. Plantain looks feeble, but his overwhelming firepower destroys all foes without helmets and face shields.

Soon after completing Plantain's progression, players will unlock "Vityaz," an excellent class suitable for all Arena, providing supreme domination over your enemies. Additionally, Vityaz also provides great later progression, making this great for beginners. 

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