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Is EFT Down? How To Check Escape From Tarkov Server Status

If you are unable to play Escape from Tarkov, chances are that its servers are down. Check its server status here.
Is EFT Down? How To Check Escape From Tarkov Server Status

There are various reasons that would take the Escape from Tarkov servers down. They can go offline for server maintenance before a new update gets pushed out, or they might be experiencing some technical issues that won't let you enter the game and enjoy the battle. Apart from this, if your game is not updated or has corrupted files, you will encounter the same issue. 

This can be pretty frustrating as you will not be able to play matches, and if you are wondering whether Escape from Tarkov is down and when its servers will be back online, here is your answer.

Note: We checked this page for latest information about "Escape From Tarkov Server Status" on February 28.

Is Escape From Tarkov Down: EFT Server Status

Escape from Tarkov Server Status.
Escape from Tarkov Server Status. (Picture: Battlestate Games)

Escape from Tarkov is not down at the moment, and the latest time it was taken offline was on February 23 to release So, if you are unable to play the game, the issue is on your side, and you can try various troubleshooting methods to fix that.

Make sure that your internet is working problem, and if it is, you can try restarting the game and your system. If it still doesn't fix the error, you can try fixing the game, or else you can try reinstalling it.

We will also recommend you keep an eye on Battlestate Games' and Escape from Tarkov's official Twitter handle, where they update the community about upcoming maintenance or if there are any issues with the servers of Escape from Tarkov.