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Escape from Tarkov: Best PKP and PKM loadouts

Looking for the best PKP and PKM loadouts in Escape from Tarkov? Check out these builds in this guide!
Escape from Tarkov: Best PKP and PKM loadouts
Battlestate Games

Following the release of Patch 13.5, the Escape from Tarkov developers Battlestate Games have added plenty of new weapons for players to experience, including the AK-12, SVT-40, and AVT-40. These have been incredibly fun weapons for players to battle with so far this wipe, with people learning new meta and building the future with the new weapons. Additionally, Battlestate Games decided to release two FPS fan favorites, the PKM and PKP light-machine guns, for players to decimate enemies. These two weapons correlate with the new scav boss on Streets of Tarkov called Kaban. The PKM and PKP are Kaban's weapons of choice, therefore giving players incentives to try and obtain the weapon by defeating him. 

Unfortunately, a lot of players haven't yet had the honor of experiencing the new weapons, but in good time the air will be full of 7.62x54R as players finally unlock the flea market and can start having some fun. Within this article, we're going to teach you how to build the best PKM and PKP loadouts to guide you through the wastelands of Escape from Tarkov.


Escape from Tarkov: Best PKP Loadout 

Many wonder about the unknown differences between the PKP and the PKM; however, many are also unaware that the PKP is a more modernized version of the PKM, making it more reliable and beneficial to use. Therefore, if you have a choice between the two, it's probably best you select the PKP because it's newer, more ergonomic, and built to last. There are minor differences between the two light-machine guns, except the fact the PKP is highly more modifiable and fit to mount newer attachments, making the PKP more modifiable. 

Please follow these modifications on the PKP:

Attachment Type Attachment Name 
Stock Zenit PT-2 "Klassica" Stock
Mount Axion Kobra Dovetail Mount
Handguard  Zenit PK B-50 Handguard 
Scope EOTech holographic site
Flashlight 1  Zenit Klesch-2U
Flashlight 2 Zenit Klesch-2U

The reason why we've selected two flashlights on this PKP build is to prevent players from killing you with ease whilst mounted or prone with this weapon. The flashlights will dazzle players, stopping them from knowing your exact location and placing stress upon them whilst trying to kill you. Additionally, the Zenit PT-2 stock has been selected to allow agility and faster movements, this allows for the player to experience less difficulty lugging this big gun around. 


Escape from Tarkov: Best PKM Loadout 

The PKM has been built to last a few years of relentless use through modern, past, and likely future combat; this Russian-issued light-machine gun is known by all warriors. Unlike its more recent cousin, the PKP, the PKM has been built and used for intimidation and brute force a little more, hence why we've selected a more "hands-on" approach with the PKM. As seen, we have the foregrip and lasers, optimizing this PKM to a closer range for heavier engagements. 

Please follow these modifications on the PKM:

Attachment Type Attachment Name 
Handguard  Zenit PK B-50 Handguard 
Laser 1 NCstar tactical blue laser 
Laser 2 NCstar tactical blue laser 
Foregrip Zenit RK-1 Tactical foregrip 

When suited up inside FORT armor and an Altyn helmet, nobody is going to be able to defeat you. Quite literally, you're going to become the embodiment of a PMC boss, defeating everything and anything in your way. This loadout is perfect for The Lab, Factory, or simply clearing through buildings such as Shoreline Resort and Customs Dorms. Not many people are going to be able to defeat you with these types of loadouts. 

Another idea, commit insurance fraud on this loadout, quickly load into a raid and eliminate players with your slower-moving gear, dump it somewhere safe, and take the loot you just received; it's easy! 

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