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Best SMG Builds In Escape from Tarkov

The best SMG builds to help you Escape from Tarkov!
Best SMG Builds In Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov provides a wide plethora of amazing submachine guns, yet they aren't utilized by the player base too frequently. This completely baffles me, especially within maps such as The Lab, Factory, Customs, Interchange, and every map!  Submachine guns are incredibly easy to operate, low maintenance, cheap, and low recoil, isn't that what we try and build when modifying weapons anyway? Despite my confusion, submachine guns provide a wonderful experience when clearing close-range areas, you automatically have a large advantage over your enemies and most operators stay clear of locations they can hear the echo of a Vector.

Escape from Tarkov developers allow access to the vast majority of submachine guns early wipe, having merchants such as Peacekeeper and online players sell them on the Flea market, allowing people to gain access pretty much at level fifteen to all SMGs. Unlike assault rifles, sniper rifles, and especially DMRs, SMGs are easy to access and find within raids, having likely spawns inside weapon containers scattered across the maps of Escape from Tarkov. Players typically become confused due to the vast range of submachine gun calibers, including (with examples):

  • 9x19 - MP9
  • 5.7x28 - P90
  • 4.6x30 - MK7
  • .45 ACP - UMP
  • 9x18 - Kedr
  • 7.62x25 - PPSh-41
  • 9x21 - SR-2M "Veresk"

Submachine guns have the largest variety of different caliber usage, causing much confusion towards the Escape from Tarkov player base, but once you get used to the calibers, you'll thrive. Within this guide, we'll show you the top three submachine gun builds, costing you around 100-200k after the purchase price of the weapon. 


Escape from Tarkov Best SMG Builds: HK MP7A2

The best fighting I personally ever witnessed was with this HK MP7 build, after being mortally wounded by a three-man and attempting to patch myself up, my comrade single-handedly eliminated the three aggressing operators within fifteen seconds at the Customs gas station. Despite being sent back to the menus, my final moments were watching the MP7 effortlessly take the lives of our aggressors due to its compact and adaptive nature. 

For that experience, I recommend this build with the highest regard and encourage the weapon usage on closer combat maps such as Customs and potentially using it to clear rooms in Resort (Shoreline), Reserve buildings, and Chalet on Lighthouse. Players mustn't attempt to engage enemies at long range with the HK MP7, the bullets will be rendered almost useless and you'll have a terribly hard time trying to figure out bullet drop due to the below-average bullet velocity compared to DMRs and assault rifles. 

Attachment Type Attachment 
Laser NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-module
Sight EOTech XPS3-2 Holographic Sight
Suppressor HK MP7 B&T Rotex 2 4.6x30 sound suppressor
Foregrip Zenit RK-1 tactical foregrip on B25U mount
Magazine HK MP7 4.6x30 40-round magazine

The beauty of SMGs allows for an easy and straightforward modification experience, being able to fully upgrade and change an SMG with very few attachments, therefore money. The laser isn't completely necessary and can be replaced with a flashlight, it comes down to personal preference and morals on using flashlights to blind enemies. Unfortunately, the build's ergonomics aren't incredible, however, it shouldn't matter too much considering it's an SMG. 


Escape from Tarkov Best SMG Builds: Vector (9x19)

To outline the weapon specifically, this vector build takes 9x19, please don't be confused with its' .45 ACP variant, also known as the lesser version. The .45 ACP doesn't quite have the edge the 9x19 variant obtains, this is due to the rate of fire and compatibility of ACP with the Vector. It doesn't quite feel right using an ACP Vector, almost like wearing your left shoe on the right foot.

This build again features great innovation, allowing players to power through occupied buildings and stack bodies effortlessly. The usage of the 50-round magazine is vital, the vector can burn through thirty-three rounds within a matter of around three seconds, therefore upping to fifty rounds makes the difference. When clearing buildings in Escape from Tarkov, you need to obtain the ability of fire superiority, having a weapon that constantly runs out of ammo makes it harder to provide superior fire, leading to possible death. 

Attachment Type Attachment
Suppressor SIG Sauer SRD9 9x19 sound suppressor
Laser NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-module
Foregrip Zenit RK-6 tactical foregrip
Magazine Glock 9x19 SGM Tactical 50-round drum magazine
Sight EOTech EXPS3 holographic sight 

Again, a nice little build to reign death over the Escape from Tarkov territory. Please don't be fooled, although the weapon proves exceptional at close distances, it's quite the contrary past around fifty meters, therefore stick to concealment and away from open areas, otherwise, you'll make an easy target, even for a scav. 


Escape from Tarkov Best SMG Builds: HK UMP 

The best implementation choice Battlestate Games has made in the entirety of Escape from Tarkov, why this wasn't implemented back in 2016 I have no clue. The UMP is arguably one of the most iconic weapons in gaming history alongside the AK-47 and M4A1 rifles, it's safe to say the standard has been kept high within Escape from Tarkov. The HK UMP feels like the most heavy-hitting submachine gun in the game, producing an excellent sound when firing, especially when suppressed and dropping most enemies relatively quickly. 

The HK UMP is the slowest shooting submachine gun, although this doesn't hinder the submachine gun's results when it comes to battles. The main limitation is the 25-round magazine we all despise greatly, especially when facing weapons like the RPK-16. Unlike the other SMGs the UMP is most appropriate to take enemies at longer distances, 60-80 meters will suffice, although it's not recommended to attempt this regularly, only when needed! 

Attachment Type Attachment 
Foregrip Stark SE-5 Express Forward Foregrip
Suppressor HK UMP B&T OEM.45 ACP Sound suppressor
Sight Trijicon SRS-02 reflex sight
Flashlight  Zenit Klesch-2U tactical flashlight

Costing the cheapest amount on this list, the HK UMP provides a smooth experience. The use of the flashlight is incredibly useful, especially on maps such as Shoreline, Customs, and Reserve, where you have to enter dark and gloomy locations, often engaging in combat. The weapon is incredibly cheap and very easily obtainable either from Peacekeeper or the Flea market, you can also find this item regularly from enemy players due to the weapon's popularity. 

Escape from Tarkov Best SMG Builds, Ranked 

The weapons from this list are incredibly hard to rank, although I have my personal preferences and it's best to be honest. Although everyone has their own experiences and style of gameplay, therefore you might disagree. Each weapon is unique in its own way, with the builds being great all-around weapons anyway, however, these are ranked best (1) to worst (3):

  1. HK MP7
  2. HK UMP 
  3. KRISS Vector 

Despite the Vector being an incredible weapon, its overwhelmingly fast rate of fire encourages enemies to advance on players when they're reloading. As mentioned, there is no way you can gain fire superiority with this weapon as it's only deterring when it's in your face or you're being rushed. Whereas the MP7 and UMP can provide more intimidating experiences and maintain superiority over the enemies. 

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