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Escape from Tarkov Streets Map: Extraction Points, Best Loot Spots, Boss Guide

Streets of Tarkov offers a daunting experience; we'll guide you through!
Escape from Tarkov Streets Map: Extraction Points, Best Loot Spots, Boss Guide

After buckets of tears, two years, and a sense of false hope, Streets of Tarkov was finally released. As exciting as that may sound, nobody knows how the map functions; extracts, loot locations, and appropriate weaponry is all a mystery to the common player. Forcing the majority to reside where they feel comfortable being either Customs or Interchange. Streets of Tarkov is more unforgiving compared to the rest of the game, yet so much cooler; what’s the point losing millions of roubles and hours of time trying to learn the map while level 60s laugh at your expense?

Streets of Tarkov offers an experience like no other; good things come to those who wait. Whether you want to march down the high street in level six armour and a death wish or inhabit a sniper’s den in a local apartment, Streets of Tarkov can facilitate your desires. The map perfectly encapsulates modern urban warfare, offering players experiences that many are yet to fathom due to their unwillingness to learn the new map. Fortunately, we have a guide to hopefully chaperone you through the harsh environment Streets offers, so you can comfortably enjoy the adventure that lies within.

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Streets of Tarkov Best Loot Locations 

As seen, there are four large districts located within the Streets of Tarkov. This can become incredibly confusing when having no understanding of the map, but simply, there are four main locations all separated by a main road. The road is a landmark throughout, allowing you to get a wider perspective of where you are within the four districts: Residential Zone, Concordia, Pinewood Hotel, and Industrial. Within the picture, Concordia bottom left, Residential top left, Industrial bottom right, and Pinewood the top right. These are the complete four districts that are classified as the main zones.

Streets of Tarkov, in short, is the new scavengers paradise and I can assure you that no number of experienced players are going to scare the scavengers away in this map – out with Reserve, in with Streets. Despite the daunting impressions, Streets is filled with loot of a lifetime and all you have to do is play the map – the chances of you running into anyone is minuscule… Kinda.

Here are the best loot locations, numbered in accordance with the map (link to larger size map):

Chekannaya ST. (15)  Industrial and Rare items (GPU/BTC)

Post office (46) 

Medical, Rare and industrial items (Stimulants)

Concordia (E1/E2/E3) 

Weapons, Rare, Medical and Industrial items 

Pinewood Hotel (47K1)

Rare and Industrial items 

Through these locations, you're going to need to scour the area you are searching, looking inside suitcases, on top of shelves and inside bedrooms. Rare items are usually on display and stick out quite obviously, but these are the locations which you will profit from most. Beware, you will more than likely run into like-minded scavengers like yourself. 


All Streets of Tarkov Extraction Points 

Finally, extractions are a large part of Streets of Tarkov and unfortunately, it's a bit of a tragic topic. As seen per the map, evacuations are rather difficult and require further tasks, such as firing the green flare into the sky. Therefore, we have provided you with the most reliable extracts for a quick and easy escape: 

(Click here for a larger map with all extracts)

  • Damaged house - located towards the cinema and industrial zone 
  • Sewer river - located in a sinkhole with a tram sticking out of it 
  • Scav checkpoint - located within the residential zone, inside the tunnel by blockade 
  • Evacuation zone - behind Concordia apartments

All these extract locations will supply an easy and secure extraction with little fuss from the go-getters and raiders. You will not be required to complete any further tasks, these are simple extractions. 

However, if you're wanting to understand all extraction locations and requirements, take a look at the table below:

Collapsed crane  N/A 
Courtyard  Shoot green flare into the sky near extract - purchase the green flare from the flea market
Damaged house  N/A
Evacuation zone  N/A
Kilmov street  Shoot green flare into the sky near extract - purchase the green flare from the flea market
Primorsky Ave Taxi V-Ex Pay ₽5000 cash per player to extract
Sewer river  N/A
Underpass  Beware - the western entrance is partially inside the northern border sniper's zone 
Scav checkpoint  N/A 

Streets from Tarkov may appear incredibly confusing at first glance, but after refreshing over a few map and location guides, all becomes clear. The extracts are quite frustrating within Streets due to the high player count of 15-17, meaning there is usually always someone camping at the extraction point. Whenever you become lost, meet the main road and look for landmarks to understand the district you are within; be it industrial, hotel, Concordia, residential. 


Streets of Tarkov Scav Bosses - Glukhar and Killa 

Unfortunately, the two biggest powerhouses of Tarkov decided they want to join the Streets of Tarkov fight. Killa and Glukhar make quite the bosses, showing little mercy to their opponents and being protective of their load-outs. In light of this disappointing realisation, Killa and Glukhar both have a 10% spawn chance, meaning one-in-five raids will contain a boss. We suppose if it's too good to be true, it probably is - someone has to protect the loot and free money.

Here are a few "need-to-knows" about the bosses, in-case of an encounter:


  • Supported by several raiders with heavy equipment 
  • Often able to combat at medium distances 
  • Equipt with high-calibre firearms - ASH-12, M1A 
  • Equipt with close-quarter firearms - PP-19-01, AKS-74U
  • Raider's equipt with shotguns, AKs, AS VALs and high-calibre firearms 
  • Spawns within the vicinity of LexOs car dealership - Concordia Zone 
  • Weak spot: head, legs 


  • Spawns within the vicinity of the Pinewood Hotel
  • Equipt with either - RPK, AKMS, PP-19-01
  • 6B13 M assault level 5 armour - Maska-1SCh Bulletproof helmet 
  • Not supported by raiders, acts alone 
  • Pushes his prey heavily and will not fight from afar 
  • Weak spot: legs 
  • He will follow his target large distances out of his spawn location

Despite your small chances, the bosses offer a level of excitement when playing on Streets. Out of the two, it would be preferable to receive Killa as an opponent due to him combating you without raiders, Glukha brings five or six of his mates with him. Although, Glukhar will provide you with more than five sets of high-ability weapons, armour and miscellaneous items. 

If you're a beginner, I'd recommend familiarising yourself with the scav bosses early. Although this appears daunting, you will learn from experience; learning the AI patterns and understanding the characters the bosses portray. This "jumping into the deep end" mentality will only develop you as a player, gaining a higher advantage over your enemies. Hey, and who knows, maybe you take out Killa, Glukhar and all his guards on your first attempt?


Streets of Tarkov Best Weapons and High-traffic Locations

Streets of Tarkov is best optimised with long-range and close-quarter weapons, due to the open roads and confined buildings. Players are either going to be cleaning buildings or street sweeping, therefore the following categories of weapons are going to be acceptable:

  • Semi/automatic shotguns 
  • Fully automatic Assault rifles 
  • Submachine-guns 
  • Marksman rifles 
  • Bolt-action sniper rifles 

Specifics won't necessarily matter, only your confidence in using the weapon in tight-knit spaces or hitting shots across long and open spaces. As vague as that sounds, specifics sincerely don't matter as long as you can handle the weapon. Marksmen rifles should be complemented by the likes of a secondary weapon, whether it be a fully automatic Glock or submachine gun, make sure you have a contingency to being rushed by heavily armed opponents. Finally, always carry grenades and flashbangs, preferably more than one as most combat scenarios will be inside apartments or office-like buildings. 

On the contrary, attachments are going to matter considerably, here are the best attachments: 

  • Flashlights - dazzling enemy in tight engagements 
  • Silencers - conceal your location to prevent enemy suppressing fire 
  • Adjustable zoom - allows you to operate at a plethora of distances 
  • Extended magazines - reloading regularly will contribute to an early death

Ultimately, Streets of Tarkov provides an overwhelming experience, but that's not a reason why players should be avoiding the new map. Yes, optimisation is an issue but the map provides an extremely immersive experience once you utilize the skills we provide within this guide. By the end of the night, you'll be wealthy, covered in blood, and riddled with bullet holes! 

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