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Tarkov Gunsmith Part 2 Mechanic Quest Guide

Need help completing Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part two? Have a read of this quest walkthrough.
Tarkov Gunsmith Part 2 Mechanic Quest Guide

After successfully completing Gunsmith Part One within Escape from Tarkov, the Mechanic will task you with completing the next stage in the quest: Gunsmith Part Two. This time the mission is slightly more complex, but the rewards are still great and well worth completing if you're new to the game or jumping back in after a recent Tarkov Wipe. To complete this task you're going to need an AKS-74U built with modifications that match Mechanics criteria. The task is much easier completed with the Flea market, unlocked at level fifteen. If you obtain Prapor level two and completed the task "Ice Cream Cones" you'll finish Gunsmith part 2 with flying colors. 


What Do You Need to Do for Gunsmith Part 2

Gunsmith Part 2 will require a series of weapon attachments for the AKS-74U following these criteria:

  • 60 Durability
  • 58 or greater ergonomics
  • Less than 550 recoil
  • 100 or greater sighting range
  • A magazine with a capacity of at least 60
  • 3.5 kg or less in weight
  • 6 or fewer cells (Note: You must fold the stock before turning in the gun)
  • AKS-74U Zenit B-11 handguard 

You can purchase the AKS-74U from Prapor level one after completing the task "Debut" or purchase the stripped variant from Mechanic level one. The AKS-74U is commonly used amongst the scav population, therefore killing and looting scavs will most likely supply you with the weapon, however, please make sure the durability is above 60 rated!

How To Complete Gunsmith Part 2

To complete the second stage of the quest, equip the AKS-74U with these attachments:

Attachment Merchant Loyalty Level
AKS-74U Zenit B-11 Handguard

Mechanic | Skier 

LL1 (Barter) | LL1 
KAC vertical foregrip  Peacekeeper  LL1 
AK-74 5.54X39 6L31 60-round magazine  Prapor LL2 (Barter) after completing Ice Cream Cones task or LL4
AK Zenit RP-1 charging handle  Skier  LL1 

You are able to find these attachments within weapon crates around every map, the only attachment causing pain is the 60-round magazine as you're unable to purchase it from the Flea market, they spawn regularly on Lab's raiders. Other attachments spawn regularly in weapon crates and spawn on Scavs, additionally, these attachments are widely used amongst the Tarkov community.

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