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Tarkov Gunsmith Part 16 Mechanic Quest Guide

Need help completing Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part Sixteen? Have a read of this quest walkthrough.
Tarkov Gunsmith Part 16 Mechanic Quest Guide

After completing the unique AS VAL build within the Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part 15 task, the mechanic will bestow another epic journey upon you, this one with great rewards! Gunsmith Part 16 offers an expensive task with handsome loot, having players modify a DVL-10 to match specific criteria. The DVL-10 is a lightweight, compact, and tactical bolt action sniper rifle used regularly amongst the Escape from Tarkov community. Being optimized on maps such as Woods and Lighthouse, the DVL-10 proves a worthy companion when eliminating your foes, especially when trying to kill Lighthouse scav boss or reach the Lightkeeper!

You are able to purchase the DVL10 (Urbana), from Skier loyalty level three after completing the task "Long Road." The DVL-10 is an expensive piece of kit, therefore players are going to need around 300-400k to complete this task, however, there's a 200k reward within this task!


What Do You Need to Do for Gunsmith Part 16

Gunsmith Part 16 will require a series of weapon attachments for the DVL-10 following these criteria:

  • 60 Durability
  • 40 or greater ergonomics
  • 400 or less recoil
  • 2,000 or greater sighting range
  • 6.7 kg or less in weight
  • Any tactical device (such as the NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-module)

The DVL-10 is an incredibly rare weapon spawn, meaning the chances of finding it within weapon crates across the maps of Escape from Tarkov is low. It is recommended you purchase the item yourself unless you obtain a spare DVL-10 within your stash. Please remember to check the durability of the weapon to save yourself from wasting money, Mechanic will never accept a weapon of less than 60 Durability.

How To Complete Gunsmith Part 16

To complete Gunsmith Part 16, modify the DVL-10 with these attachments:

Attachment  Merchant Loyalty Level
NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-module Skier  LL1
Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 34mm riflescope Jaeger  LL2 (Barter) | LL4
IEA Mil-Optics KH/F 34mm one-piece magmount Mechanic | Jaeger  LL2 (Barter) | LL3

Throughout all the Gunsmiths, each task has required more than five weapon attachments, luckily for you Escape from Tarkov's Gunsmith Part 16 only requires three. Instead of the IEA Mil-Optics KH/F 34mm one-piece magmount, players are able to use the Nightforce Magmount 34mm ring scope mount instead sold by Jaeger at loyalty level 2 (Barter) or loyalty level 4. Although not appear like a costly venture, these attachments will prove expensive, however, the rewards redeem your pain.

Gunsmith Part 16 Rewards

These are the following Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part 16 rewards:

  • +20,400 EXP
  • Mechanic Rep +0.03
  • 200,000 Roubles
    • 210,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1
    • 230,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2
  • 2× Pack of screws
  • 1× Electric drill
  • 1× Metal fuel tank
  • Unlocks purchase of Lone Star TX-15 DML 5.56x45 carbine at Skier LL3

This task provides players with the greatest rewards yet from Gunsmith tasks, handing over 20,400 XP and 200,000 roubles. This is exactly why players should commit to the Gunsmith tasks, especially after spending at most two minutes completing this task. The metal fuel tank will additionally add a lot of value to the task, alongside the ability to purchase one of the best weapons in the game, the Lone Star TX-15 DML 5.56x45 carbine. 

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