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Escape from Tarkov Update Patch Notes Confirmed (6 July 2023)

This page contains a collection of official patch notes for Escape from Tarkov, including a changelog of the most recent updates released by Battlestate Games.
Escape from Tarkov Update Patch Notes Confirmed (6 July 2023)

Are you searching for the latest Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes? If the answer is yes we'll imagine it's because Battlestate Games has just dropped a brand new technical update or hotfix for the game.

If you're new to EFT, or even most live service games, it's important that you keep an eye on the game's patch notes for any sneaky changes that the developer might be making from one update to the next.

Sure, every update will contain a list of fixes that range from quality-of-life improvements to more major bug fixes, but they might also contain several changes that drastically alter the core gameplay. From changes to weapons, gear and so much more. 

It doesn't matter whether it's a small change or a more sizeable update to the game, we're going to track every new patch for Escape From Tarkov on this page. So read on, and we'll get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the Escape From Tarkov patch notes.

6 July 2023 - Page updated with the latest news, updates and information.

Latest News And Updates

Just below you'll find all the latest news, leaks and updates related to any future patch releases for Escape From Tarkov:

5 July 2023 - Battlestate Games Confirm Next Patch, But No Wipe

Tomorrow, July 6, at 8AM BST/3AM EDT Battlestate Games are planning to install technical update

Intriguingly though, they mention that there will not be a wipe with this update.

Stay tuned for more details.

Latest Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes

Below you will find the latest patch notes for Escape From Tarkov and the various updates released by the game.

5 July 2023 - EFT Patch notes for Update

A reminder that there will NOT be a wipe with this update.

List of changes:

  • The key goal of the update was to fundamentally change the architecture of player display and synchronization on the client and their connection to the server. The goals that were achieved are:

- Increased the number of network entities in the raid on Streets of Tarkov. In the future, changes are possible on other locations as well;
- Improved the hit registration accuracy;
- Increased the accuracy of positioning (position matching) of players on the server and the client;
- Reduced the chance of desync with the server;
- Network traffic optimization;
- Memory consumption optimization.

  • Major update to Oculus Spatializer - fixed positioning issues that could occur with a large number of audio sources playing at the same time.
  • Weapon sound adjustments - now the sounds of gunshots sound more volumetric, but with sound positioning retained. Fixed sharp jumps from mono to stereo.
  • Adjusted the interior reverb sounds when the character is wearing active headsets.
  • Balancing changes:

- Reduced damage to blacked-out limbs by 30%;
- Slightly increased blunt damage.

  • Reworked the bot spawn system in practice mode. Now the number of bots is more accurate in relation to the selected settings.

List of fixes:

  • Fixed the incorrect functioning of culling in some places on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed practice mode settings getting reset when reopening the settings window;
  • Fixed bots not spawning in practice mode if the raid settings menu was not opened prior to starting the raid;
  • Fixed the display signature of thermal sights showing through the weapon;
  • Fixed the incorrect distance at which weapon flashlights stop being visible;
  • Fixed the visual artifacts when changing the field of view while in raid;
  • Fixed and optimized the rendering of glass and transparent objects on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed the cause of stutters in some specific areas on locations, which could occur during the calculations of sound occlusion;
  • Fixed a bug where opened doors could muffle sounds, or vice versa - be fully hear-through and have no effect on sound in a closed state;
  • Player Scavs with high reputation no longer lose Fence reputation if they kill the Rogue bosses;
  • Fixed a rare bug where bosses or their guards would freeze after throwing a grenade;
  • Road decals are no longer superimposed on dropped items, equipment, and weapons.


This update does not include the Unity version update. In the near future, we plan to publish an updated release roadmap for this year, which will include a game engine update, content patches, and more.

26 May 2023 - EFT Patch Notes For Update

The first iteration of the sound positioning settings on all locations has been completed:

  • Configured the sound system for Lighthouse;
  • Configured the sound system for Interchange;
  • Fixed the main sound issue areas on Reserve and The Lab;
  • Reworked the sound engine for voice lines: the sound is now more realistic, adjusted curves for the volume drop, muffling/transparency of the sound at a distance. Voice lines are balanced in accordance with the loudness of the phrase;
  • Improved active headsets system: lowered the volume level for all headsets, amplified high frequencies for more realistic sound, added functionality that gives some headsets an advantage by increasing the hearing radius of footsteps and voices;
  • Adjusted audio tracks that had sound artifacts (background voices, noise);
  • Fixed the sound effect of concussion which appeared when using Golden Star balm or when stunned by a grenade: the effect is now smoother, the sound of tinnitus is played in stereo mode, without the positioning effect when turning your head;
  • Balanced sound volume for M18 grenade to match other grenades of this type;
  • Fixed an issue with short-term muting of the sound when the sound source transitions between rooms;
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when opening a door where the sound source behind it could sound muffled;
  • Fixed an issue where leaning against a wall would allow you to hear everything in the room behind the wall.

2. Fixed visual bugs when using flashlights:

  • Flashlights no longer shine through walls and other obstacles;
  • Fixed flickering of disabled flashlights on weapons on your back;
  • Fixed brightness and beam range of some flashlights.

3. Bots can no longer instantly rotate while prone.

4. Disabled experience gain for killing and looting players in the same group. Dogtags of such players will be sold to traders for 1 rouble and will not be considered as found in raid.

5. Reduced frequency of bot voice lines and shouting during combat.

4 April 2023 - EFT Patch Notes For Update


  • Updated Nvidia DLSS to version 2.5.1 and AMD FSR to version 2.2;
  • Configured sound positioning settings on Reserve and Shoreline;
  • Adjusted sound positioning settings on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Increased the cloud size and spread speed of smoke grenades by 30%;
  • Added an in-game mail notification system for banned players based on player's report;
  • Adjusted the user interface for placing an offer on the Flea Market, taking into account the disabling of barter offers;
  • Expanded the quest area for Assessment - Part 1.


  • Fixed one of the causes of disconnects while loading into a raid. The remaining possible causes are being researched and eliminated;
  • Fixed multiple visual issues with scopes when using the DLSS/FSR of older versions (such as blurriness and artifacts during movement, lack of clarity, etc.);
  • Fixed the indoor fog glow on Interchange and Reserve;
  • Fixed the excessive vegetation sway that occurred during long raids;
  • Fixed the effect of street lighting glow which flickered when overlapping obstacles. The issue was mostly present on Streets of Tarkov at night time; 
  • Fixed some texture memory leaks that caused excessive RAM consumption when the game was running for extended periods of time;
  • Various optimizations in lighting system components;
  • Fixed some object culling issues on various locations;
  • Fixed incorrect visuals of some buildings in the background of Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed incorrect audio system behavior at the first indoor gunshot or explosion;
  • Fixed the possibility of incorrect character visuals when trying to operate a stationary weapon by two players at the same time;
  • Fixed the ability to install conflicting attachments on some weapons;
  • Fixed incorrect matchmaking behavior after pressing "Ready" while the co-op mode settings interface is open;
  • Fixed Error 228 when failing all QTE stages in the Hideout gym;
  • Fixed an issue with loading into The Lab in co-op mode;
  • Fixed the ability to look through some walls on Reserve, Interchange, Factory, The Lab, and Shoreline;
  • Fixed incorrect player spawn points on Lighthouse and Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed an issue when loading into online raid after a co-op mode raid;
  • Fixed an issue with insurance for an item with an enhancement that was previously returned by insurance. 

27 January 2023 - EFT Patch Notes For Update

  • Adjusted the server system to reduce the rubberbanding and desync on the Streets of Tarkov location
  • Numerous geometry and lighting fixes on the Streets of Tarkov location
  • Fixed issues that led to duplication, stuttering, and lack of some sounds with binaural audio enabled
  • Fixed missing sounds of airplanes and airdrops in some cases
  • Fixed missing sounds of weapon interactions when the volume of interface sounds is set to 0
  • Fixed missing bush and container search sounds with binaural audio enabled
  • Fixed incorrect volume of footstep sounds during crouched and standing movement
  • Fixed incorrect gym behavior in the Hideout with third-party overlays enabled
  • Fixed incorrect duration of the muscle pain status
  • Fixed incorrect weapon sounds for Chiappa Rhino, RSh-12, Benelli M3, AI AXMC, SR-2M, M203 underbarrel grenade launcher, GP-25 underbarrel grenade launcher
  • Fixed incorrect weight for several items
  • Fixed incorrect durability of weapons on Rogue bosses
  • Fixed incorrect conditions for the unlocking of customization options from Ragman
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of skills in quest rewards
  • Fixed the ability to apply the effects of some consumables without losing them
  • Fixed the inability to level up skills above level 50
  • Fixed several visual artifacts on the Streets of Tarkov location
  • Fixed incorrect player spawn positions on the Streets of Tarkov location
  • Fixed incorrect conditions for Jaeger to buy weapons from players
  • Fixed the incorrect tooltip of unsellable items when switching between screens
  • Fixed incorrect visuals of NVGs and thermals when changing screen resolution and switching to full-screen mode
  • Fixed the lack of durability loss when repairing some weapons with repair kits
  • Fixed the incorrectly working D2 exit on the Reserve location 
  • Fixed the softlock that appeared while interacting with some weapons
  • Fixed the incorrect calculation of the physical skills level bonus from the Air Filtering Unit zone in the Hideout
  • Fixed incorrect skill point calculation when using the gym in the Hideout
  • Fixed several bugs in the dialogue system when interacting with Lightkeeper
  • Fixed incorrect spawns for Rogues
  • Fixed the incorrect display of objectives for Lightkeeper quests while in a raid
  • Fixed incorrect positions of Zryachiy's guards
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of the co-op mode settings interface when switching between screens
  • Fixed the missing localization of some interface elements while in a raid
  • Added a new 5.56x45 muzzle brake
  • Fixed incorrect camera behavior while aiming with Chiappa Rhino 200DS

28 December 2022 - EFT Patch Notes For Update



Since the establishment of the special economic zone in Norvinsk region, the city of Tarkov has become the center of its development and a key location on the map, lavishly fueled by international investment. In a short time, the city grew into a large metropolis with all the respective infrastructure. One of the main investors was TerraGroup, officially a biotechnology R&D company with offices in 18 countries around the world. However, its list of interests extends much wider than claimed, and its appetite keeps growing. Most of the major enterprises in Tarkov and Norvinsk Region were in one way or another connected to this organization. The city is home to its main office, laboratories, workshops of industrial enterprises and a branch of the USEC private military company (hired by TerraGroup for security).

The city of Tarkov is located in northwest Russia and is part of the Norvinsk Region. It is located on the right bank of the Gulf of Finland, in the south of the Karelian Isthmus. The population of once an actively developing city was nearly one million people. In the mid-sixties of the 20th century, there were large instrumentation and electronic defense companies built before the city, which served as the basis for the development of ZATO (closed administrative-territorial formation). The ZATO status was lifted in 1994.

After a huge corruption scandal associated with TerraGroup, when it became clear that the situation would not settle down, the company's management gave an order to USEC operators to not allow even the government and law enforcement officials to access the facilities. PMC operatives fulfilled the task, while virtually the entire senior and middle management of TerraGroup left the city. After this, a mass evacuation of all company resources began. Chaos erupted in the city. To counter the USEC PMCs who were still defending the property of TerraGroup, a newly created PMC BEAR, officially unrelated to the government, but rumored to have a direct protectorate of the Russian authorities, was sent to the city.

Active fighting broke out between the two PMCs, using all kinds of weaponry. All this time, the population was actively evacuated by the city’s own resources, as well as with the help of the Russian Armed Forces and the UN peacekeeping contingent. In a short time, the chaos that was happening made the city remain frozen in the state in which its inhabitants had left it. The entire official contingent was withdrawn.Only the marginalized and criminal elements that wanted to make a profit and pillage the city decided to stay. Tarkov was cordoned off, and entering and leaving the city became impossible. A significant number of BEAR and USEC operatives have lost contact with their command, and now they have to find their own way out of Tarkov.

This update adds a part of the city of Tarkov, located at the intersection of Primorsky Avenue and Klimov Street. This part of the location contains an abandoned factory, Pinewood Hotel, news agency building, Concordia residential complex, car dealership, Terracot Business Center, cinema, Sparzha supermarket, and other objects of urban infrastructure. This is the first part of the work on the city and later the location will be expanded.


  • Weapons, body armor, and plate carriers can now receive a standard or rare improvement when repaired via repair kits;
  • The ability to enhance items opens at level 10 of the corresponding skill. For weapons it is Weapon Maintenance, for armor it is Light Armor and Heavy Armor;
  • Rare enhancements can only be applied at the elite level of the corresponding skill;
  • The chance and strength of a normal standard enhancement depends on the level of the corresponding skill;
  • For body armor and plate carriers, the enhancement reduces the damage a character receives;
  • Weapons can have two kinds of enhancements at the same time. The first is a decrease in malfunction chance, and the second is an accuracy increase;
  • The enhancement is effective within a certain range of the item's technical condition (or armor points) and will be removed in case of another repair;
  • The enhancement and its value affect the value of the item - the selling price, insurance, Flea Market fee;
  • The Intelligence skill now affects the amount of repair points that will be spent on repairs;
  • Now the value of the removed max durability of an item when repairing via repair kits depends on the corresponding skill. For weapons it is Weapon Maintenance, for armor it is Light Armor and Heavy Armor.  For other items with durability points it is Intelligence.


  • Added new skill - Light Armor

The skill progression reduces the penalty to mobility, wear of armor when repairing, and damage from melee weapons when struck in the armor.

  • Added new skill - Heavy Armor

The skill progression reduces the penalty to mobility, blunt damage to parts covered by the armor, and wear of armor when repairing.

  • Reworked the Charisma skill

This skill's progression affects the price of insurance, paid extracts, replacement of operational tasks, price of the Scav Box, and Therapist's healing services. 


  • Added GP-25 "Kostyor" 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher for all AK family automatic rifles with a compatible barrel mount;
  • Added M203 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher for all AR-15 rifle family with appropriate barrel length and compatible handguards;
  • Added SR-2M "Veresk" 9x21 submachine gun, with an SR-2MP upgrade kit, standard-issue KP-SR2 sight, 20- and 30-round magazines;
  • Added Steyr AUG A1 and A3 5.56x45 assault rifles, with modifications and magazines for 10, 30 and 42 rounds;
  • Added Glock 19X 9x19 with 19, 24 and 31-round magazines;
  • Added RSH-12 12.7x55 assault revolver;
  • Added new equipment.


Added new settings to the cooperative game mode

  • No energy and water drain: By checking "Disable water and energy consumption", the player will not lose energy and hydration over time, except from consuming items. With zero energy and hydration, there will be no exhaustion or dehydration negative effects.
  • Bot configuration: Option to adjust the amount (including full absence) and difficulty of bots from the solo offline mode is now available in co-op.
  • Spawn point selection options: Players now have three options for selecting a spawn point
    • All in one place - all players in a group will appear together in the center of the map
    • As online - all players in the group will spawn at the edges of the map, each at their own position
    • 2 teams - players in the group will be divided into two teams (according to the order in which they enter the group) and spawned as different teams in two different parts of the map
  • Weather condition options: It is now possible to fine-tune the weather. Adjustment options include:
    • Clouds
    • Fog
    • Rain
    • Wind
  • Time configuration: Added the ability to set a specific time of day for the raid. When selecting the desired value, the time flow will be stopped and will always correspond to the selected hour. It is also possible to leave the time as in an online raid.

This is the first stage of improving the cooperative mode features. Later, the functionality will be refined, some of the planned improvements can already be seen in the interface, such as Time flow, Health configuration, Disabled overload, and others.


Added two new upgrade levels for the shooting range. The new levels allow you to set up a variety of shooting targets, including moving targets, and use the training program to improve your shooting accuracy.


  • Obdolbos 2: A syringe with a homemade drug, developed by Sanitar. A new version of the old classic. Looks like TerraGroup Labs' experiments did not end with the closure of TerraGroup Labs itself.
  • SJ12 TGLabs: Developed for the operatives of special units. Slows down some functions of the body and they temporarily start working with energy regeneration. The drug forces the release of vasopressin in the hypothalamus, which leads to a change in the work of the adrenal glands, lowers body temperature and increases perception. After the end of the action, there is usually a jump in temperature to 40-42 degrees as a compensation for the incorrect functioning of the body systems.
  • Perfotoran (Blue Blood): A blood substitute with the function of oxygen transfer, used as a powerful antidote capable of relieving toxins, poisons, and radiation damage. It was developed by Soviet scientists in the 1980s. It is a submicron emulsion based on PFO compounds. Once in the blood, it temporarily speeds up the metabolism and regenerates tissues. Negatively affects health in case of overdose or rejection.
  • Trimadol: An opioid synthetic analgesic developed for special forces operatives. It has a central and spinal cord action (promotes opening of K+ and Ca2+ channels, causes hyperpolarization of membranes and inhibits conduction of pain impulses). In addition to the analgesic effect, it increases combat characteristics. Overdose leads to exhaustion of the body after the effects wear off.
  • PNB (Product 16): A combat stimulant. Developed by TerraGroup Labs, labeled PNB. Allows a short-term activation of the inner muscles, bringing them into a state of hypertonicity, which in turn reduces the received damage. At the same time there is an active synthesis of proteins for accelerated tissue regeneration. Used for the expansion of the organism abilities at the key moment of the combat. Allowed for use by Special Forces. Has some side effects.


  • Added new voices for Bosses:
    • Killa
    • Tagilla
    • Knight
    • Birdeye
    • Big Pipe


  • Rebalanced weapon mastering progression
  • Rebalanced trading and prices, added new barter items
  • Rebalanced conditions and rewards in the old quests, as well as added new ones
  • Some quests in chains can now become available after a period of time after the completion of the previous one
  • Various improvements and changes in the Hideout
  • The spawn points of some quest items have been changed, the item will be in one of the random places located near each other
  • Some recipes for crafting in the Hideout will become available as a reward for completing specific quests
  • A new type of extraction is available on Streets of Tarkov, to activate it you will need to fire a green flare cartridge in the area before the exit, otherwise you will be shot by snipers when approaching the exit
  • Added the ability to add a craft to your favorites, as well as a search by name in the craft list
  • Added weapon malfunctions for bots
  • Improved the behavior of Rogue Bosses.

Added complete up-to-date localization for Chinese, Czech, Italian, and Polish languages


  • FSR 2.1: Added support for FSR 2.1 - a picture scaling technology developed by AMD that upscales lower image resolution to higher resolutions in real time for display on higher quality monitors.
  • Optimized the draw distance of various types of glass
  • Optimized the rendering of decals
  • Optimized the rendering of trees at long distances


  • Steam Audio has been completely removed from the project and replaced with Oculus Audio. The sound positioning system changes will be noticeable regardless of the binaural sound setting, but we recommend enabling binaural audio for the best experience.
  • In the current implementation, the sound positioning system handles a much larger number of conditions to form the final sound in relation to the player's position. 
  • The final adjustment of the positioning is available on Factory, Customs, Woods, Streets of Tarkov. Other locations will have the quality of sound positioning gradually improved in the upcoming updates.


  • Fixed several memory leaks;
  • Fixed an issue where already looted containers were left open to other players;
  • Fixed a softlock issue that occurred when players picked up weapons from bots in some instances;
  • Fixed error 228 caused by healing outside the raid in some instances;
  • Fixed some places where bots could fall through the geometry on Customs;
  • Fixed the spawn of bots right next to players;
  • Fixed the reaction of bots to players loading into raids without any equipment;
  • Fixed the reaction of Raiders to players behind transparent objects or glass;
  • Fixed an issue with vehicle extractions during the heal animation;
  • Fixed a visual bug in the Flea Market when selecting items;
  • Fixed a visual bug with the visuals of water with SSR enabled;
  • Fixed incorrect head rotation while aiming;
  • Fixed graphical artifacts when changing antialiasing mode in raid;
  • Fixed some weapon mods glowing in the dark;
  • Fixed sight position on Saiga-12;
  • Fixed freezing when jumping over certain objects;
  • Fixed the ability to complete multiple quests with a single quest item;
  • Fixed bots' reactions to smoke grenades;
  • Fixed the wounded sound in the lobby;
  • Fixed a flashlight issue in optics after using a thermal sight;
  • Fixed camera position when shooting with KRISS Vector with a folded buttstock;
  • Added the sounds of attachments on T-5000M;
  • Fixed the effects of AKMP sights on 7.62 AK recoil;
  • Fixed the incorrect description for Leupold Mark 4 LR 6.5-20x50 30mm riflescope;
  • Fixed the sound of bushes on the loading screen when the spawn point is near a bush;
  • Fixed the delay when changing scope magnification on MP-18;
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of interface when selling disassembled items to traders, also added a notification about the parts blocking the ability to sell;
  • Fixed the scaling of the MP-133 shotgun's shell model during reloading;
  • Fixed the incorrect SIG MCX muzzle flash when installing a muzzle device in a raid;
  • Fixed the eating and drinking animations from 3rd person;
  • Fixed the change of FOV while aiming with a weapon with a folded buttstock;
  • Fixed bots not reacting to death of other bots (voicelines);
  • Fixed bots' behavior when they see a player who peeks out from behind an obstacle;
  • Many other technical fixes and improvements
Escape From Tarkov 2023 Roadmap
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