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Best Weapon Builds In Escape from Tarkov (2024)

What are some top-tier weapons builds in Escape From Tarkov right now? Here are three affordable guns that we highly recommend you try out.
Best Weapon Builds In Escape from Tarkov (2024)

The most horrifying first-person shooter offers comfort in two forms: the armour you wear and the weapons you wield. In the dystopian city of Tarkov where everything and everyone is trying to kill you, knowing your way around weapon customisation comes in handy. Through years of trial and error, I have constructed three of my favourite and most trustworthy load-outs, and I’m here to share.

Escape From Tarkov; nobody does, but we can help you acquire a powerful weapon to help guide you away from your very last breath. These weapons clear all enemies; chads, rats and those pesky scavengers trying their luck. Fortunately, these weapons are somewhat affordable and will certainly be the last line of defense in most situations; I hope they serve you as well as they have served me.


Weapon One: HK 416A5 – Marksmanship

Are you tired of playing with the same old boring sniper rifles in Escape from Tarkov? Look no further than the HK. This elegant piece of German engineering will surely protect you in times of doubt and despair, especially when packing M995 ammunition.

A common mistake players make is entering a raid anticipating to “snipe” their enemies with an actual sniper rifle. We are survivors, not novices. Players who enter the Streets of Tarkov accompanied only by the Mosin will shortly meet the pleasant surprise of a Glock-wielding Scav. Hence why we improvise with a fully automatic assault rifle optimised for all distance encounters.

Don’t settle for any old gun, choose the HK 416A5 and be the envy of all your Tarkov buddies. Purchase now, and we’ll throw in a complimentary moustache comb! Because let’s be honest, if you’re cool enough to wield the HK, you’ve definitely got a killer moustache.

Here is the featured build we've been using:




HK 416A5 20 Inch Barrel

Thread Mount 

Hybrid 46 Thread Mount Adapter


Hybrid 46 multi-calibre sound suppressor


Zenit RK-2 Tactical Foregrip


Wilcox RAPTAR Tactical Rangefinder


ELCAN Specter DR

This setup offers minimal recoil, exceptional accuracy, and the power to eliminate your foes. However, it's crucial to possess the confidence to wield this weapon openly, as its mere presence may attract unwanted attention. Beware, for if word gets out that you possess this gem, you may find yourself on the receiving end of unwanted visitors.


Weapon Two: HK UMP .45 ACP

It’s time to upgrade from the lower end of the spectrum to the upper echelon of submachine guns, lo and behold the UMP build that will confidently eradicate your problems within seconds. This baby packs a punch and takes out foes faster than a trigger-happy raider on a grenade launcher.

A perfect complement to completing tasks on most Escape from Tarkov maps, the UMP provides a consistently positive experience, taking enemies from mid and close range without a problem. Beware of using this weapon against those who are of slightly longer distance, it may be a better idea to travel slightly closer and surprise them with a rat attack!

If you have tasks requiring you to use a sniper rifle, such as completing the average Jaeger tasks, the UMP provides a trusty sidearm for when the rifle just won’t make the cut. Regardless of the situation, you can count on the UMP with or without attachments, making it even better.

Here is the ideal build we've been using:




Trijicon SRS-02 reflex sight


HK UMP B&T OEM .45 ACP Sound Suppressor


Zenit Klesch-2U

Flashlight Mount

Tactical Flashlight

As you can see, there is no requirement for a foregrip and that’s because of the naturally low recoil the UMP possesses. We are shooting .45 not 7.62, therefore we won’t be expecting much of a kickback from the UMP.

To reiterate, this weapon is perfect for tasks and close to mid-range encounters, for example clearing out dorms on the Customs map or deciding it’s time to play with the Chad’s over in Labs. Whereas if you bring this build into the Woods map, there’s a small potential you might run into an issue, or two.


Weapon Three: KALASHNIKOV AK-74M

The Kalashnikov, an amalgamation of beauty and chaos - this weapon will swiftly put an end to the tyrannical opposing force. At a solid 650 rounds per minute, the AK-74M will quite literally rip through anything in a series of milliseconds, making sure you take out the enemies, their buddies and whatever other scavs stumbled in behind them.

Plus, there’s something satisfying about using a Kalashnikov, such an iconic and reliable weapon. Whenever guns come to mind, Kalashnikov is always at the top of the list, so why not use it in Escape from Tarkov to protect your interests and destroy others?

For this specific build, like the UMP, we recommend taking this AK-74 on more close-quarters ventures. Unless you decide to really embrace the title of “operative” and supply yourself with an additional or different scope that offers magnification, allowing you to reach those further distance targets. If that’s the case, this weapon is reliable at all distances and will seriously have your back. Especially considering the low recoil.

To build this specific AK-74 grab these parts:




Ak Vezhlivyy Strelok VS-24 + VS-33c Handguard

Dust Cover

AKacdemia Bastion Dust Cover

Foregrip Rail

KeyMod 6 Inch Rail


Zenit RK-1


EOTech 553 Holographic Sight

Charging Handle 

AK CSS Knurled Charging Handle


AK-74 Thread type JMac

One important feature to mention: most scavengers will typically be found with semi-broke AKs, and it’s best to leave them on the floor and walk away instead of bringing them back to the stash to customise them. They are broken for a reason, and they certainly don’t want to be repaired, they will most likely jam mid-combat and send you straight back to the stash.

Therefore, make sure that your gun is fresh – sold to you by a trustworthy vendor or a traveller looking to make a quick buck on the flea market, but if the weapon is below a certain level of damage, please throw it away or sell it to a vendor.

The same concept applies to all other builds – to ensure a safe and happy purchase, make sure the weapon is to a good and healthy standard. Reusing old and decrepit rifles will lead to an early death, lost quests, and thousands of missing roubles, therefore, keep it clean to maintain a happy rifle and handsome loot.

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