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How To Get Kappa Container In Escape From Tarkov

How to unlock the Kappa Container in 2023 - All quests, streamer items and requirements
How To Get Kappa Container In Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is no walk in the park, and unlocking the Kappa container takes challenges to a whole new level. Those who manage to wield the coveted Kappa container can truly proclaim themselves as Escape from Tarkov champions.

For those who are unaware – the Kappa container is a “pouch” that you can store items in throughout and before a raid. When dying, the items in that container remain inside and are not lost in raid like the rest of your loadout. Every Tarkov player owns a pouch, whether it be the Alpha container, Epsilon container or Gamma container you most definitely own and use a pouch/container in some form or another.

Each player obtains a different container/pouch depending on which variant of the game they own – being the only “pay-to-win” aspect of the Escape from Tarkov. Players who own the basic version of the game obviously own the smaller Alpha container, whereas the Chad’s who own the Edge of Darkness edition are blessed with the larger Gamma container.

Each container allows a certain amount of space and of course, the larger containers are the most beneficial to players as you’re able to store more items within them. For example, the Alpha container can store four Bitcoins within the container, whereas the Gamma container can store nine Bitcoins. The Kappa container, however, allows players to store up to twelve one-slotted items. Unlike those other containers though, players won't have access to the Kappa container until they have completed the vast majority of quests within the game.

If you're willing to read this far, chances are you're willing to put in the hard yards to unlock the Kappa container in EFT, so read on for everything you need to know.


How To Unlock the Collector Task 

Obtaining the Kappa container in Escape from Tarkov requires a substantial time commitment and reliance on a trusted arsenal of weapons and allies. The journey towards the Kappa container is a long and arduous one, demanding plenty of patience and perseverance.

The specific task you’re going to have to complete that will award the Kappa container is known as “Collector” and is offered by the merchant Fence. However, to unlock "Collector" quest, you'll first have to complete a series of tasks and general challenges before Fence deems you worthy of this task.

First, you must obtain level 55 which in itself takes more than one hundred hours of gameplay to achieve. If money isn’t an issue, my personal advice would be to play labs raids and target raiders – an easy 10,000XP can be awarded. If you are struggling, partake in completing tasks as you’re always going to have a task to complete and the more you finish, the more XP they reward.

Finally, you must complete most of the quests within Escape from Tarkov. Yes, unfortunate right? Well, it’s not too bad because you’re simultaneously obtaining easy XP to level up. But, you’re assumptions are correct because it still takes a lot of time to obtain – we're talking about Escape from Tarkov here, the most unforgiving game in history.  


What Tasks Are Needed for Kappa?

Fortunately, you won’t need to complete every single task in Escape from Tarkov. Specific tasks have been exempted from the grind in order to provide the player with a more fluent play-through because as we know, some tasks take more than a few days and even fewer tasks we never even complete during an entire wipe.

That being said, you still need to complete around 70% of all the quests in Tarkov. Because of this, it's actually easier to list the quests you don't need to complete. 

All tasks not required for Kappa Container

  • Regulated materials
  • Charisma brings Success
  • Capturing outposts
  • Trust regain
  • The stylish one
  • Intimidator
  • Escort
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Hippocratic oath
  • Textile – Part 1/2
  • Documents
  • Lost Contact
  • Loyalty buyout
  • The Huntsman Path Controller
  • No place for renegades
  • Peacekeeping mission
  • Hunting trip
  • Disease history
  • Crisis
  • Seaside vacation
  • Mentor
  • The bunker part 1/2
  • Samples
  • The huntsman path sadist
  • Import
  • Anaesthesia
  • Rigged game
  • Easy job part 1/2
  • Our own land
  • Living high is not a crime part 1
  • Colleagues part 1/2/3
  • Reconnaissance
  • Safe corridor
  • Night sweep
  • Long road
  • Missing cargo
  • Classified technologies
  • Revision part 1/2
  • The cleaner
  • Special equipment
  • Cargo X part 4
  • Counteraction
  • Overpopulation
  • Trophies
  • Surplus goods
  • Back door
  • Calibration
  • The Courier
  • Corporate Secrets
  • Energy Crisis
  • Broadcast
  • A Fuel Matter
  • Inventory check
  • Long line
  • Booze
  • Communication difficulties
  • The huntsman path factory chief
  • Hunter
  • Pest control
  • Swift one
  • The huntsman path relentless
  • The hermit
  • The huntsman path outcasts
  • Stray dogs
  • The choice
  • Compensation for damage (ALL)

Although this list appears large, this is every single set task that is excluded from obtaining the “Collector” task. Therefore, we have mentioned all the extra “challenge” tasks that you won’t need to complete, such as “Compensation for damage.”

Although, this does mean that every single task that isn't within that list must be completed otherwise you're not going to be given the chance to receive the Kappa container. If you're already having doubts, find a companion who is willing to join you on your journey to Kappa container.

Once you've hit level 55 and completed every single quest, you will unlock the quest from Fence called “Collector.” You have come so far, and I congratulate you, completing the Collector task doesn’t require much strain, just patience.


How to Complete the Collector Task

To complete the Collector task, you will need to find the streamer items with “in-raid” status. Meaning, you will have to survive and extract with them in order to hand them in. Putting them into your gamma container and dying with them won’t make the cut.

Here's some advice from a hardened Tarkov player; collect the streamer items throughout every raid and match you play leading up to the collector task. Finding all the streamer items takes time and dedication, if you instead just collect them throughout the entire grind to rank 55, you’ll most likely have all of them ready for the task – if not 75% of them.

All Streamer Items Needed for Kappa

    1. Old firesteel
    2. Antique axe
    3. Battered antique book
    4. FireKlean gun lube
    5. Golden rooster
    6. Silver badge
    7. Deadyslob’s beard oil
    8. Golden 1GPhone
    9. DevilDog mayo
    10. Can of sprats
    11. Fake moustache
    12. Kotton Beanie
    13. Dr. Lupo’s coffee beans
    14. Pestily plague mask
    15. Raven figurine
    16. Shroud half mask
    17. Veritas guitar pick
    18. 42 Signature English tea
    19. Smoke balaclava
    20. Evasion armband
    21. RatCola soda
    22. Loot Lord plushie
    23. WZ wallet
    24. LVNDMARK’S rat poison
    25. Missam forklift key
    26. Video cassette cyborg killer
    27. BakeEzy cook book
    28. JohnB Liquid DNB glasses
    29. GLORIOUS E mask
    30. Baddies red beard
    31. DRD body armour
    32. Gingy keychain
    33. Golden egg
    34. Press pass
    35. Axel parrot figurine
    36. BEAR Buddy plush toy

Once you've found all of these items in-raid and handed them over to Fence, you will receive your rare and gratifying Kappa container. Congratulations! But enjoy it whilst it lasts as the container will not carry over to the next wipe. Nevertheless, it’s quite an achievement and you can officially crown yourself as one of the few who ever receive this iconic item.

How To Get Kappa Container In Escape From Tarkov FAQ

How do you get Kappa container in Escape From Tarkov

In order to obtain the Kappa Container, players must complete the Collector quest given by Fence. However, before embarking on this mission, they must first complete a majority of the quests offered by other vendors in Escape from Tarkov to unlock it.

What level do you have to be to get Kappa container?

Escape From Tarkov's “Kappa” Container is obtainable at level 55.

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