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Tarkov Gunsmith Part 6 Mechanic Quest Guide

Need help completing Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part six? Have a read of this quest walkthrough.
Tarkov Gunsmith Part 6 Mechanic Quest Guide

Following Escape from Tarkov's Gunsmith Part 5, Gunsmith Part 6 focuses on a more intricate weapon build, having players create and equip an AKM to detailed specifications. Players will need Peacekeeper Loyalty level four or Flea market for the Fortis Shift Tactical Foregrip. This build is going to cost around 200k roubles, setting players back quite substantially after completing this task. However, XP is XP, and money spent now is an investment into the future of your Escape from Tarkov account. 

Gunsmith Part 6 releases to players twenty-four hours after completing Gunsmith Part 5, therefore don't be confused if the task hasn't been released to you and you must be above level fourteen to start this quest.


What Do You Need To Do For Gunsmith Part 6

Gunsmith Part 6 will require you to build an AKM matching the following criteria:

  • 60 Durability
  • 350 or less recoil
  • 40 or more ergonomics
  • 800 or greater sighting range
  • A silencer
  • Fortis Shift tactical foregrip
  • AK 7.62x39 Magpul PMAG 30 GEN M3 30-round magazine (Black)

You are able to purchase the AKM from the Flea market or Prapor Loyalty Level 2. The AKM can be found commonly on PMC players or scavs due to the popularity of the weapon. Additionally, the weapon can be found commonly within weapon crates on every map. 

How To Complete Gunsmith Part 6

To complete Gunsmith Part 6, equip the AKM with these attachments:

Attachment  Merchant Loyalty Level
Kiba Arms Short Prism 2.5x Scope Skier  LL2
Kiba Arms short mount sight adapter  Skier  LL2
Fortis shift tactical foregrip Peacekeeper LL4
AK Zenit RP-1 charging handle Skier  LL1
AK Zenit PT-1 "Klassika" Stock Skier  LL2
AKM/AK-74 Zenit PT Lock Skier  LL2
SilencerCo Hybrid 46 Direct thread mount adapter  Peacekeeper | Mechanic LL2 | LL2
SilencerCo Hybrid 46 multi-caliber sound suppressor  Peacekeeper | Mechanic LL2 | LL2 (Barter)
AK TAPCO SAW-Style pistol grip Mechanic LL2 
AK 7.62x39 Magpul PMAG 30 GEN M3 30-round magazine (black) Peacekeeper  LL2
AK 100-series polymer handguard Prapor LL1 
AK AKacdemia Bastion Dust Cover  Skier  LL1

As previously mentioned, this build is rather comprehensive and takes a moment to complete. Despite costing an arm and leg to complete, the task fortunately pays a decent return for the weapon, although, you'll likely break even.

Gunsmith Part 6 Rewards

Here are the following rewards for the task: 

  • +5,800 EXP
  • Mechanic Rep +0.01
  • 50,000 Roubles
    • 52,500 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1
    • 57,500 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2
  • 2× Pack of screws
  • 2× Phase control relay
  • 60× 7.62x39mm BP gzh
  • Unlocks purchase of AK GP-25 accessory kit recoil pad at Prapor LL2

The best part of the rewards is the 7.62x39mm BP gzh ammunition, this ammo will literally shred through enemy level six armor and players are unable to obtain the ammo variant easily. The phase control relays will be needed for future quests, or you can sell them on the Flea market to make up for the lost money on this quest. 

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