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Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Extraction Points and Best Loot Spots

A guide to EFT's Shoreline map, including the easiest way to extract.
Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Extraction Points and Best Loot Spots

Unlike any other map in Escape From Tarkov, Shoreline offers a Walking Dead experience without the zombies; the abandoned hospital, parks, residential locations, and the task of surviving entities that want to see you burn. Shoreline is home to some of Tarkov's elite, where players come to reap the rewards of the abandoned hospital/hotel hybrid and defend the profits with lead and the burning desire to survive. Despite the daunting introduction, Shoreline offers a comfortable experience for those that reside within the shadows or become confident enough to fight against the powers that be. 

In sharp contrast to the likes of Streets, or Factory, the Shoreline map contains vast open space, close and uncomfortable encounters, and a scav boss that can eat bullets, literally. The boss, known as Sanitar, roams the map wreaking havoc on those that trespass against him. Being a doctor, Sanitar has access to the benefits of healing himself rapidly after you inflict damage on him; sounds fun? Additionally, players on this map are from another dimension, having each player very aware and skilled within the realm of Tarkov, Shoreline facilitates John Wick's of Escape from Tarkov. But, even the boogie man has a weak spot and that's why we are here bringing you a guide on loot, extracts, keys, and weapon information.


Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Extraction Points

Due to the size of the map, Shoreline offers various extractions for both PMCs and Scavs, having them jotted throughout Shoreline. Despite the map emitting a sense of horror, the extraction zones are typically low-traffic areas, and players won't often extraction camp. Players mostly rush to the hospital within the first moments of the raid and die, meaning there are fewer players to worry about when trying to extract or navigate through the map. 

Here are the following extractions (click here to see the enlarged image):

Extraction Location 
Path to Lighthouse  North-West part of the map, the past sunken village 
Pier Boat South Pier (only open when green light shows on top of the boat)
Railway Bridge  East side of the map past the southern coastal military point 
Road to Customs  The north-East part of the map, follow the main road past the Railway Bridge north
Tunnel South-West past of map, past scav island 

Every player will have access to these locations and thankfully they are mostly on the outskirts of the map, meaning fewer players will trek and wait around all day for a potential victim. Each of these locations is incredibly easy to access and thankfully, unlike other maps, you won't be required to complete any silly objectives before extracting, you can just leave. 

There is no specific or recommended route to take to these extractions, Shoreline is very desolate and open whenever you're far from any structures, meaning you are going to be running through fields however you get to an extraction. Although, keep an eye out for snipers due to the high likelihood you have of being gunned down from afar. 


How to Defeat the Boss on Shoreline

More like who is the boss of Shoreline, in this case, the boss of Shoreline is Sanitar.

Unfortunately, Sanitar is quite the foe and seems to be rather territorial over his beloved hospital, the hospital we happen to be destroying, murdering, and profiting within. The boss is accompanied by several "goons" to help protect Sanitars interests (killing you) and keeping peace within the hospital located within the center of the map. 

Here are the weapons Sanitar potentially carries: 

  • OP-SKS (PS rounds)
  • VSS Vintorez 
  • Remington Model 870 12ga 
  • PP-91-01 "Kedre-B" 
  • Stechkin APS Machine Pistol 
  • F-1 Hand grenade 
  • UVSR Taiga-1 Survival Machete 

Despite seeming like not a lot of competition, his followers also carry:

  • Saiga 12ga
  • Molot VPO-101 "Vepr-Hunter" 
  • Molot VPO-136
  • Kalashnikov AKM 
  • Kalashnikov AKS-74UB 

Before you jump the gun, the followers are equipped with powerful ammunition, don't underestimate the followers or Sanitar. They are all very agile and quick-moving targets, chase them and you'll likely run into the rest of the crew. Like Killa, you're going to want to find cover and be willing to act courageously when needed. Although Sanitar knows the hospital well, he isn't one to become impatient and rush, he will wait for you to show yourself and will most definitely hunt you down alongside his companions. 

To kill Sanitar and his buddies, I would personally recommend the ASH-12, the stopping power, high-velocity rounds, and elegance it provides will certainly make light work of Sanitar. If you're not in the market for such a weapon, may I suggest a more tailored weapon, the RPK-16. The RPK-16 provides a low-recoil experience and matched with the 95-round magazine the RPK is practically designed to kill Sanitar. Finally, maybe bring in a few propital stimulants to ensure you're in peak condition despite being riddled with BP rounds. 

escape_from_tarkov_loot_map.jpeg (1

Where Is the Best Shoreline Loot

Within Shoreline, risk really equals reward, having that map filled to the brim with expensive miscellaneous items, weapons, and rare military components. Shoreline offers a paradise for the to live the "Tarkovian dream," putting millions worth of loot all over the map, however, usually only one or two survive each raid to cash in their rewards. 

First off, here are a few keys that might make you some money:

Key  Location of Use  Rewards
Health resort office key with a blue tape  East wing - hospital ground floor room 110 LEDX, Medical supplies, GPU
Cottage back door key  East cottage (cottages)  PC supplies, Safes, Guns 
West Wing 203 key  West wing 203 - hospital, second floor  Money, Medical supplies 
West wing 216 key West wing 203 - hospital, second floor Weapons, grenades, loose loot
East wing 205 key  East wing 205 - hospital, second floor  Money, weapons, BTCs (etc)
East wing 306 key East wing 306 - hospital, third floor  Money, weapons, rare loot
East wing 314 key East wing 314 - hospital, third floor  Money, rare loot, weapons 

These are most of the best keys within Shoreline and their price on the flea market will vary between ₽100k and ₽1,000,000 but within a few successful raids, you will be reimbursed. Additionally, several players will likely obtain the same key as you, therefore, make it your responsibility to get there first and possibly camp it out for a few minutes, ensuring you're not the one being camped. 

Although the majority of the loot resides within the hospital, the cottages, weather station, and pier also contain high-value items. Ranging from rare items like Bitcoins to weapon cases containing REAP-IR thermal scopes (possibly), so make sure to venture off into further sides of Shoreline to ensure you don't leave anything behind. 

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