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Tarkov Arena Levelling System Explained

Come and find out about the Escape from Tarkov Arena levelling system!
Tarkov Arena Levelling System Explained
Battlestate Games

The Escape from Tarkov ranking system has always been sacred to players, this is because Escape from Tarkov is one of few games that operates via "play-to-win" instead of "pay-to-win." This leads to players spending hours of their valuable life ranking up their character to later prevail over their enemies on the battlefield. However, after a certain period of time playing PMC raids, players have to resort to playing as a player-scav to either earn some money or attempt to find rare items to perhaps complete a task. This leads to players halting their PMC progress because their player-scav and PMC have separate stats and levels, forcing the player to progress in separate categories. 

Unexpectedly, Battlestate Games has taken a very unusual approach to the Escape from Tarkov Arena leveling system, forcing the play-to-win aspect and keeping up with what players are used to with a confusing twist; player's Arena rank and PMC rank are linked. This raises many questions about wipes, player progression, and how Arena works in general, especially with this function. 


Escape from Tarkov Arena: Levels Explained 

Escape from Tarkov Arena has two separate levels, your character; linked to the Escape from Tarkov main game level, and your competitive Arena rank; linked to Arena exclusively. The levels system is simple, earn XP and level up as per normal in the base Escape from Tarkov platform, players will also be glad to hear that skills can also be ranked up through the arena. For example, players who use CMS or Surv12 kits will increase their surgery skills in the main game. Additionally, if you rank up your progress in the main game, again, it's transferred into Arena.  

Currently, it's unknown how ranks are going to work with Escape from Tarkov's famous wipe cycles, however, Battlestate Games is mentioning potential changes within wipe functionality that could be occurring in the near future. YouTuber "NoiceGuy Tarkov" has mentioned that Battlestate Games could be potentially implementing a new system that eradicates the need for wipes, although, this information is very vague and should be taken as speculation. For certain, we know your PMC level is directly linked and affected by Arena and the main game, along with all the skills and progression that comes alongside your PMC level. 

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