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How To Download & Buy Escape From Tarkov

How to purchase and download Escape from Tarkov by Battlestate Games
How To Download & Buy Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov can be an incredibly fun pastime and although the game is difficult, finding where to buy and download it can be incredibly frustrating. Escape from Tarkov was created by developers of Battlestate Games who sell their game on a separate platform to familiar merchants like Steam and Origin, hence why it may be difficult to find.

To buy Escape from Tarkov, visit where you can continue to purchase the title. Before purchasing the game, you will have to create an account on the website.


How to Purchase Escape from Tarkov

Once creating an account on the website, navigate back to the homepage as seen in the image above and click the "BETA IS AVAILABLE PRE-ORDER ESCAPE FROM TARKOV" blue glowing box. After, you'll be taken to a page where you select the edition of the game you wish to purchase.

Each edition will obtain separate benefits, if you're only interested in the base game and you're a first-time player, a standard edition is recommended. However, if you decide you want to upgrade the title later, you're more than welcome to at the same price minus the cost of your current edition. To learn more about upgrading your account, click here.

Once you've selected the edition you want to purchase, click the button "Pre-Order" where you will be able to complete the payment and obtain your beta key, allowing you to play Escape from Tarkov. Despite saying "Pre-Order" you will still receive a Beta key to play Escape from Tarkov, currently Escape from Tarkov is in closed beta and has been for years, you'll still have access to the game until it's a full release, whenever that may be. 

How to Download Escape from Tarkov

Once you've purchased Escape from Tarkov click "Profile" in the top right of the webpage and you'll be sent to a page that looks like this:


Simply navigate to the "Install" button on-screen, click it, and follow through with the download process. Once the download is complete, the "Battlestate Games Launcher" will be on your PC. To play Escape from Tarkov, open the launcher and sign into your Escape from Tarkov account, once singing in you'll be given the option to download the entire game.

Once the download is complete, you will be all ready to play Escape from Tarkov. Good luck!

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