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Escape from Tarkov New Year '21-22 Twitch drops: Schedule, how to claim, more

Get your hands on in-game items through ETF's Twitch Drops Event '21-22. Here is everything you need to know, including the start time, potential rewards, and selected streams and streamers!
Escape from Tarkov New Year '21-22 Twitch drops: Schedule, how to claim, more

Anyone who has stepped into the world of Tarkov knows that it is as unforgiving as games come.

For example, if you get hit with one bullet to the head or a vital organ, you can pretty much say goodbye to your hard-earned loot, which will likely be picked up and scavenged by whoever was on the other end of the gun; and oh, how hard-earned it was!

Every foray into the game's maps is also a hair raising, pulse racing, crawl lest you want to die journey that you can never be sure if you and your party will return. That's why any method to obtain some free items or pain-free rewards in Escape from Tarkov is all too welcome.

The game is also getting its biggest patch in a few years with v12.12 and, with the holiday season upon us, the developers, Battlestate Games, are feeling in the festive mood. So, as they have in year's past, they are again offering Twitch Drops to bring in the New Year.

ETF Twitch drops new year
Escape from Tarkov Twitch Drops are back! (Picture: Battlestate Games)

Alongside community events and other festivities, Escape from Tarkov players will be able to earn free rewards by tuning into both the official Battlestate Games Twitch channel as well as selected streamers. Meet the requirements, and you will get some free loot!

There are plenty of rewards on offer, with the event running for well over a week. So, if you want to get involved, here is everything you need to know about Escape from Tarkov's Twitch Drops Event 2021-2022.

ETF Twitch Drops Event 2021-22 schedule

The Twitch Drops Events are back and kick off on 28th December (2 am PT | 5 am ET | 10 am GMT) and will be running until 8th January (2 am PT | 5 am ET | 10 am GMT).

During this period, players can earn rewards from the official Battlestate Games Twitch channel (which will run events daily starting from 10 am GMT) and selected Tarkov streamers.

Escape from Tarkov Twitch Drops 21/22
There will be official events and tournaments for players to watch and earn rewards. (Picture: Battlestate Games)

The developers will release more information about the Battlestate events before the event kicks off.

Which Tarkov streams will be Twitch Drop enabled?

When watching Tarkov streams on the 28th December and 8th January (the first and last day of the Twitch Drop Event), any Tarkov player streaming on Twitch will be a Twitch Drop enabled stream.

Otherwise, it will only be selected streamers between 29th December to 7th January.

The complete list of streamers who have Twitch drops enabled has not yet been revealed (we will update this once the information becomes available).

What items will be on offer?

While it is not an exhaustive list, Battlestate Games released a short video announcing the New Year Twitch Drops with items such as Lab. Keycards, 6B-13 Flora Armour, ammunition and much more.

How to link Escape from Tarkov with Twitch and claim rewards

To connect your ETF account with your Twitch account and claim your rewards, follow these steps:

  1. Have a copy of ETF (kind of goes without saying, but we will anyway).
  2. Login to your account from the official ETF website.
  3. Head to your "profile".
  4. On the right-hand side, under the "Actions" tab, click on the "Link Twitch account", if you are logged into your Twitch account, it will automatically link.
  5. Your accounts are now linked, watch Twitch Drop enabled streams and then click "Claim" when you get a notification that you have earned a drop.
  6. You can also check the status of drops from your account settings under the "Drops" section.
Escape From Tarkov Twitch Drops
All Twitch Drops awarded can be found under the "Drops" menu. (Picture: Twitch)

That's all you need to know! Check back with us during the event for a list of all the ETF Twitch Drop enabled streamers!


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Featured image courtesy of Battlestate Games.

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