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Escape from Tarkov: How to Claim In-Game Gifts

Come and check out how to unlock Battlestate Games Gifts!
Escape from Tarkov: How to Claim In-Game Gifts
Battlestate Games

Battlestate Games is celebrating its birthday by releasing discounts and gifts for players worldwide. Fortunately, this isn't a rare occasion, with Battlestate Games releasing gifts to their player base on regular instances for players to take advantage of and use to improve their Escape from Tarkov accounts. 

Players can obtain a 25% discount in light of the special occasion, leading to players getting masses of benefits for a significantly lower price with the Edge of Darkness Editions of Escape from Tarkov. The Edge of Darkness edition will provide players with the game's season pass, leading to direct and early access to Escape from Tarkov Arena within the upcoming months, being the primary target on the Tarkov calendar. 


How to Claim Gifts For Escape from Tarkov

Claiming gifts within Escape from Tarkov can prove a difficult task, especially since the developers almost hide the claim options within the pits of their site. Fortunately, we're here to let you know how to claim your gift within Escape from Tarkov: 

  1. Head to the Escape from Tarkov website
  2. Log into your Escape from Tarkov Battlestate Games account 
  3. Navigate over to "profile" and click your profile picture 
  4. Scroll down until you reach the "install" button 
  5. Underneath the "install" button is a picture of the gear, click the paper clip
  6. Launch the Escape from Tarkov game
  7. Navigate to the messages in the bottom right (like claiming insurance)
  8. Collect your new gear!

Your newly gifted Escape from Tarkov gear will include:

  • Sawed-off shotgun 
  • SVT
  • MPP KIASS level 3 armor 
  • Moonshine 
  • MSA ACH TC-2002 MICH Series helmet

Despite the gear being a little underwhelming, the gear will come in handy, especially considering the amount of scavengers in Escape from Tarkov right now. Unfortunately, none of the gifted items are "found in-raid" meaning players will not be able to sell the gifted items on the flea market. Therefore, we'd recommend saving these gifts for a rainy day or perhaps giving them to a friend who lost all their roubles on labs. 

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