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How to Unlock Lightkeeper in Escape From Tarkov

Here's how to unlock Escape from Tarkov's secret merchant on Lighthouse, the Lightkeeper.
How to Unlock Lightkeeper in Escape From Tarkov

Patch 0.13 introduced a brand new secretive merchant that many players have never obtained. Protected by a team of Snipers and a minefield, Lightkeeper keeps his distance from players, making them prove their worthiness before greeting them. This is the first time within Escape from Tarkov we've been able to interact with a merchant in-raid, hence why this trader is more of an "easter-egg" than a generic trader. New to experienced players still question how to unlock the Lightkeeper on Escape from Tarkov and thankfully we've got you covered. 

Below we've broken down everything you need to know about the Lightkeeper, so read on if you want to unlock him on the Lighthouse map.

How to Get the Lightkeeper Questline

To unlock Lightkeeper on Escape from Tarkov you're going to need to understand a series of aspects, you're not going to unlock the Lightkeeper until you've completed a set of tasks. After completing the tasks below, you're going to have to complete several more tasks relevant to the Lightkeeper questline. But first, these are the initial tasks to unlock the Lightkeeper questline:

Quest name  Quest provider 
Bullshit Skier
House Arrest - part 1  Skier 
Drug Trafficking  Therapist 
Decontamination Service Therapist
Broadcast - part 2  Mechanic 
Gunsmith - part 15   Mechanic
The Tarkov Shooter - part 8 Jaeger 
The Huntsman Path Eraser - part 2  Jaeger  
The Blood of War - part 3 Ragman 
Living High is not a Crime - part 2   Ragman
Peacekeeping Mission  Peacekeeper
Cargo X - part 4 Peacekeeper 
The Punisher - part 5  Prapor

Additionally, you're going to need the minimum scav karma of 2.0, you can check your scav karma through Fence in the menus. Avoid killing scavs when playing as a scav to avoid losing scav karma. 

Unfortunately, these are the quests you have to reach before unlocking the ability to obtain Lightkeeper, this means you're going to have to complete every task before these quests. Ultimately, that's a lot of quests to complete and only the bold and courageous Tarkov players are going to succeed on this epic questline to meet the infamous Lightkeeper. Once completing all of these tasks you will be able to continue striving to unlock the Lightkeeper. By the time you've finished all these quests, you'll likely be above level forty and heavily reinforced by wealth and great inventory; continuation from here will be easy. 


Where Is the Lightkeeper in Tarkov

Now you've completed the above tasks, the Lightkeeper is based within the Lighthouse map, conveniently enough, based on the Lighthouse island of the map. Separating the Lighthouse island from the rest of the map is a bridge, mines, and the scav Boss Zryachiy where players who lack specific criteria will be attacked by Zryachiy or blown up by one of the one-hundred mines. To avoid being blown up by the mines and shot at by Zryachiy's deadeye precision, you're going to need a "Digital secure DSP radio transmitter" in the "encoded" state to be granted access across the bridge, deactivating the mines and Zryachiy knowing you're friendly.

To work towards the Digital secure DSP radio transmitter, you're going to want to begin the Lightkeeper questline, starting at Mechanics task "Network Provider - part 1" where you begin working towards meeting the Lightkeeper himself. In this task you're going to need to complete the following:

  • Hand over the 4 found in raid electronic components 
  • Hand over the 4 found in raid Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitters
  • Hand over the 4 found in raid Gas Analyzers
  • Hand over the 4 found in raid Broken GPhone Smartphones 

You can build these items within the hideout depending on whether or not your hideout is upgraded, additionally, these items will be easily found within the maps Reserve and Interchange.

After completing the task, between 1-8 hours you'll be given a new task called "Network Provider - part 2" arguably the easiest quest in the Lightkeeper questline. Within this quest, you'll have to place four Radio Repeaters in the following locations on Lighthouse:

  • Set up the retransmitter inside the MI-8 helicopter at the water treatment plant 
  • Set up the retransmitter inside the abandoned USEC cottage 
  • Set up the retransmitter at a high elevation overlooking the Lighthouse
  • Set up the retransmitter on the roof of the sunken building at the shore


How to Unlock Lightkeeper in Lighthouse

The next task you're going to have to complete is "Assessment - part 1" being the hardest task in the questline and you're task is to kill twenty PMC operatives within the circled area on the map above. This of course will take quite a while, but essentially all you're doing is running raids and killing players, trying to make the most out of the runs by grabbing loot and profiting.

Next, you're going to unlock "Assessment - part 2" and it's easy, you have to place four of the MS2000 markers on bunkers in the map Woods. Here are the following locations of the markers (click here for a picture of the map):

  • Bunker at the antenna in the Northwest (scav bunker extraction)
  • Bunker at the northern path to the mountain 
  • Bunker above the mountain stash extraction, near the sniper scav extract
  • Bunker at the wall in the southwest (ZB-014 extraction)

Leading to "Assessment - part 3" where you're going to have to craft stimulant injectors or find them in-raid and hand them over to Mechanic. Again, you can either craft them in the hideout or find them in Shoreline, Interchange, The Lab, or Customs. These are the following stimulants you'll require:

  • SJ1 TGLabs combat stimulant injector x 20 (medstation level 2) 
  • SJ6 TGLabs combat stimulant injector x 8 (medstation level 3
  • SJ9 TGLabs combat stimulant injector x 2 (obtain 5 by completing Therapist "Crisis" task)

We are beginning to reach the end of the questline and the Lightkeeper interaction grows close, but first, we must complete task "Key to the Tower" where players must find in-raid and handover the following items:

  • Piece of plexiglass x2
  • Insulating tape 
  • Military circuit board x2
  • Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter 
  • Working LCD
  • Radio transmitter body (spawns in these locations)

Twenty-four hours after completing the key to the tower, you'll unlock "Knock-Knock" where you will be tasked to run to the gate (no further) of the Lighthouse entrance to the island with the transmitter given by Mechanic, run too far past the entrance and you will be shot or blown up. Once you're there a subtask will pop up and instruct you to extract through southern road. It doesn't matter if you don't have southern road as an extract, you will still be able to extract in this location due to the task. Finally, make sure the transmitter is in your "special" slot on your character, otherwise, you'll lose it.

The final quest of the Lightkeeper questline is "Getting Acquainted"  where the initial equipment of the task is being able to craft the "Digital secure DSP radio transmitter" at the intelligence center level 2 in the hideout, this transmitter will enable you to cross safely into the Lighthouse to meet the Lightkeeper. However, these are the task requirements, and hand these items in with in-raid status:

  • Secure Flash Drive V3 
  • Rouge USEC barrack key
  • Water treatment plant storage room key 

By now, you'll be able to craft the Digital secure DSP radio transmitter in the hideout with intelligence center level 2, the craft will take twenty-four hours and produce the item you'll need to supply:

  • Screwdriver 
  • Secure flash drive V3
  • Decoded Digital secure DSP radio transmitter 
  • Electronic components 

These are all the required items to complete the craft and be able to enter Lighthouse Island, finally meeting and having the much-desired interaction with Lightkeeper. When crossing the bridge to Lighthouse Island, make sure the encoded transmitter is in your special slot and avoid killing the scav boss or his followers, otherwise, your transmitter will return to "decoded" making you craft another.


Finding the Lightkeeper In Escape from Tarkov

After completing all of these tasks and obtaining the encoded transmitter, placing it in your special slot, come to the lighthouse island and walk over the bridge whilst holding the transmitter in your hand for the entire lighthouse visit. You will not get shot at or blown up unless your friends don't obtain an encoded transmitter. Make your way into the Lighthouse, up two flights of stairs, and open the door with the red light above it. Congratulations, you've completed the guide and made it to the Lightkeeper where he shall introduce himself. 

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