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Twitch Rivals Escape From Tarkov EU Showdown: Schedule, prize pool, teams, more

Twitch Rivals is back with yet another Escape From Tarkov EU Showdown. Find out when and how to watch the stream, how big is the prize pool, which streamers are participating, rules, and more.
Twitch Rivals Escape From Tarkov EU Showdown: Schedule, prize pool, teams, more
Escape From Tarkov's Twitch Rivals tournaments are some of the most popular on the platform, and it's no surprise to see another Escape From Tarkov Showdown is on the cards.

Twitch Rivals' Escape From Tarkov EU Showdown will bring together almost 100 content creators from Europe together to fight in this epic event.

If you are a fan of Escape From Tarkov, some of your favourite Escape From Tarkov streamers will most likely participate in this event, so make sure to watch it and learn some new and interesting strategies.

Here's everything you need to know about the event.

Escape From Tarkov EU Showdown Schedule

This tournament will be a 1-day event, scheduled for Wednesday, 13th October.

The event is set to start at 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 17 pm CET, and it is expected to last around six hours.

Rules and format

Twitch Rivals Escape From Tarkov EU Showdown: Schedule, prize pool, teams, more
Teams will participate in an achievement hunt. (Picture: Twitch/Battlestate Games)

In the first phase of the event, 24 teams will compete in an achievement hunt on private servers.

Tasks will be kept secret until the very beginning of the event, and teams will attempt to complete as much as they can during four rounds.

Here's a full breakdown of the rules:

  • Achievement Hunt (4x4 Grid)
    • Teams will receive the player guide ahead of the show and will have time at the top of the show to strategize and ask questions before the competition begins.
    • Using private servers, teams will queue as randomized groups of 4 into four rounds and will attempt to complete as many achievements as possible over the 4 rounds.
    • Groups will be re-randomized for each round.
    • Teams will be ranked based on the number of achievements completed. Ties will be broken by the time taken to complete that many achievements.
    • Time limit: 20 minutes per round
    • Map: Reserve
    • If any team member completes a task, it counts for the whole team unless otherwise stated.
    • Top-16 advances to playoffs - 8 in the winners' bracket and 8 in the losers bracket.
  • Playoffs
    • Double elimination bracket with 4-team “FFA” matches
    • Top-8 from Achievement Hunt starts in the winners' bracket
    • Bottom-8 from Achievement Hunt starts in the losers bracket
    • Top-2 teams per match advance
    • 30-minute time limit
    • Match format:
      • Teams queue into the private server
      • Teams will earn points based on completing tasks. Teams are ranked by points.
    • Maps
      • Winners Semifinals / Losers Round 1: Customs
      • Winners Finals / Losers Quarterfinals: Woods
      • Losers Semifinals: Interchange
      • Losers Finals: Shoreline
      • Grand Finals: Reserve
    • Tiebreakers:
      • PMC Kills
      • Scav Kills
      • Dogtags extracted
      • Secured loot value post-raid

Teams and players

Twitch Rivals Escape From Tarkov EU Showdown: Schedule, prize pool, teams, more
Over 90 streamers are invited to participate. (Picture: Twitch/Battlestate Games)

In total, 96 streamers are invited to participate in the event, split into 24 teams of four.

At the moment, the invited players are not yet revealed, but we will update the article as soon as we know the names of the players, but you can expect some of the biggest content creators from Europe who play Escape From Tarkov to participate.

Escape From Tarkov EU Showdown prize pool

The event boasts a hefty $30,000 prize pool, plus Doritos for the winners!

The money will be split among all teams as follows:

Placement Prizing
1st $6,000
2nd $4,500
3rd $3,150
4th $2,250
5th-6th $1,650
7th-8th $1,200
9th-12th $750
13th-16th $600
17th-20th $400
21st-24th $300


How to watch Escape From Tarkov EU Showdown: Stream

The event will be broadcasted live on the official Twitch Rivals channel.

Additionally, all participating content creators will be allowed to stream their POV of the tournament.

For more on all things Escape from Tarkov, check out our dedicated section filled with news, guides, tier lists, and more.