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Asmongold fights over rare TBC Classic loot drop and it's hilarious

A hilarious clip has surfaced showing Asmongold and McConnell fighting over a rare TBC Classic loot drop showing the passion from OTK's founding member,
Asmongold fights over rare TBC Classic loot drop and it's hilarious
If there's one thing World of Warcraft players always has a spat over, it is loot drops. Burning Crusade Classic is no different, and since it takes players back to the hardcore period of WoW, some loot drops are exceptionally rare and can make or break progression. This is not only true in terms of raids but also levelling up your professions. That's why we saw OTK founding member Asmongold get into a hilarious fight with Olympus guild member McConnell.

Asmongold fights for TBC Classic rare loot drop

Levelling up your Blacksmithing profession in TBC Classic can be difficult, and requires a whole lot of effort.

With that in mind, Asmongold with his fellow guild members were doing some dungeon runs on a recent stream, and the plans for Felsteel Gloves dropped.

For reference, the Felsteel Gloves plans only drop from monks in Aucenchia Crypts, with a 1.8% drop chance. This means the plans are extremely rare. They are also the most efficient way to level up Blacksmithing, which Asmongold has as a profession.

asmongold fights rare tbc classic loot mcconnell blacksmith plans felsteel gloves plans(Picture: Asmongold)

As soon as this rare TBC Classic loot dropped, Asmongold got extremely excited, saying "I need this, I need, I need, I need, I need" while McConnell started arguing that he needs it more.

Along the way, they got into a bit of a spat as the timer to choose either "need" or "greed" ticked down, with McConnell noting how he needs it, and calling Asmongold a motherf$%ker, among other terms.

Asmongold said: "I farmed this in vanilla WoW, did you farm this in Vanilla WoW?" as they continued shouting at each other. Check out the hilarious shouting match with some crude language below.

In the end, they both rolled "Need" and Asmongold won the roll, claiming this rare TBC Classic Blacksmithing plan for himself. He celebrated by screaming, and rubbed salt into the wounds of McConnell saying "hey man, if you need anything crafted, just let me know."

This little spat and funny clip should take countless WoW players back to the era and bring up a lot of memories. If you've ever been in a WoW guild and focused on progression, you should know this feeling quite well.

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