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How To Get The Comprehension Charm In WoW SoD

Here, we are going to go over how to get the Comprehension Charm in WoW Season of Discovery.
How To Get The Comprehension Charm In WoW SoD

World of Warcraft Classic is going through the Season of Discovery right now. In this new update for players, there is a lot of new content that players have never seen before in WoW. For example, some Runes completely change how each class is played and give players a new way to customize their characters.

On top of the new Runes, there are new items and a lot more available now in WoW Classic. Some of these items are essential for the gameplay for each class, and they can be difficult to find. Here, we are going to go over how to find the Comprehension Charm in WoW SoD and what exactly it does for players.

How To Find The Comprehension Charm In WoW SoD

Comprehension Charm WoW SoD
Players can purchase Comprehension Charms in WoW SoD. (Picture: Blizzard/Shunkin on YouTube)

If players are observant, finding the Comprehension Charm in WoW SoD is not too difficult. The Comprehension Charm can be bought in a couple of different shops. The shops that have them are in Darnassus, Undercity, Ashenvale, Ironforge, Orgrimmar, Stonetalon Mountains, Stormwind City, Wetlands, Arathi Highlands, Duskwood, Dustwallow Marsh, Elwynn Forest, Feralas, Hillsbrad Foothills, Swamp of Sorrows, The Barrens, and Thousand Needles. Comprehension Charms are usually 7 Silver.

There are a couple of other ways players can get Comprehension Charms as well. Players will get three Comprehension Charms for completing the Spell Research Quest very early on. Other quests, such as Goaz Scrolls, will give players Comprehension Charms too.

How To Use Comprehension Charms In WoW SoD

WoW SoD Comprehension Charm
Comprehension Charms are great for getting buffs in WoW SoD. (Picture: Blizzard)

For those who are unaware, Comprehension Charms are only used by those who are playing as a mage in WoW SoD. No other class can use this item. To put it simply, Comprehension Charms are used to decipher scrolls and spell notes in WoW SoD.

Players can get a couple of different scrolls for using Comprehension Charms. The Scroll of Protection, Agility, Spirit, Strength, Intellect, and Stamina become available through Comprehension Charms. These buffs will last for one hour and can be used on the player who used the Comprehension Charm or another partying player.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.