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WoW Dragonflight Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide: All Bosses

In this guide, we'll show you how to defeat all the bosses in WoW Dragonflight's Halls of Infusion Dungeon, as well as the rewards you'll receive for doing so.
WoW Dragonflight Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide: All Bosses

With new dungeons made available in the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion, players have tons of bosses to defeat and loot to find as they journey through the Dragon Isles. One of these dungeons is the Halls of Infusion, and if you're setting out on a journey to conquer its bosses and plunder its loot, then we have you covered.

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to defeat all the bosses in the Halls of Infusion dungeon, break down their move sets, and discuss the sweet loot waiting for you once they are defeated.

WoW Dragonflight Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide: All Bosses

Halls of Infusion is a high-level dungeon, so you can't enter it until you've reached level 70, which is the minimum level for the dungeon. Flying to either location would be ideal because the dungeon is roughly halfway between Gelikyr Point and the Vault of the Incarnates flight point.

WoW Dragonflight Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide All Bosses Location
The Halls of Infusion Dungeon is located in the newly introduced zone of Thaldraszus near Tryhold. (Picture: WoWHead)

This dungeon contains a total of 4 bosses, listed below in the order you will encounter them as you move through it. Additionally, we'll go over each boss's techniques and provide you with advice on how to evade or negate them.

Halls of Infusion Dungeon Boss - Watcher Irideus

The boss battle against Watcher Irideus consists of two phases, each of which requires a completely different strategy to complete. When the boss channels his Ablative Barrier, the second phase of the Watcher begins, so keep an eye out for that. But we'll discuss both in more detail below.

WoW Dragonflight Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide All Bosses Watcher Irideus
The Watcher Irideus Boss. (Picture: WoWHead)

First of all, be aware of the ground puddles coming from the Spark Volley attack, if one does strike you, it will leave a magical debuff that gradually weakens you. Keep doing damage to the boss until it casts an Ablative Barrier and enters its second phase.

Here you'll want to focus on destroying all three Nullification Devices above him so their cast of Nullifying Pulse will remove the Ablative Barrier. Keep in mind that the boss gains more stacks of Siphon Power the longer he is in Ablative Barrier. 

You should also prioritize interrupting the Nullification Devices' cast of Purifying Blast. Lastly, the boss will set off a Reactive Spark on Mythic difficulty each time you remove an application of the Ablative Barrier; so avoid the puddles at all costs. 

In summary, you'll want to focus on removing the Ablative Barrier at all costs to avoid the drawbacks of its active state during battle. Then have your healers focus on dispelling any debuffs cast by the boss and have the tanks focus on attacking the boss and the Ablative barriers. 

Watcher Irideus - Loot

  • Plate Hands - Gauntlets of Incalculable Power
    • Stat - Mastery/Crit
  • Trinket - Irideus Fragment
    • Stat - Mastery
  • Off-Hand - Rod of Perfect Order
    • Stat - Haste/Mastery
  • Gun - Titan-Forged Blaster
    • Stat - Mastery/Vers
  • Leather Waist - Watcher's Clasp of Purpose
    • Stat - Vers/Mastery

Halls of Infusion Dungeon Boss - Gulping Goliath

This boss is a bit more simple to take down, but you'll still need to follow a few guidelines to avoid taking unnecessary damage or getting overwhelmed and caught off guard. 

WoW Dragonflight Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide All Bosses Gulping Goliath Boss
The Gulping Goliath Boss. (Picture: WoWHead)

First off, all players should avoid the ground animation for the Cave In ability and push on to kill the Curious Swoglets right away because once their Gulp Swog Toxin Poison effect builds up to 10 stacks, it will instantly kill you.

Once the boss has cast Gulp, choose one member of your party to be purposefully "consumed" to stop him from gaining the Hangry Enrage effect. Unlike Normal and Heroic, you cannot remove the effect on Mythic Difficulty. 

You will also suffer initial damage and receive three applications of Gulp Swog Toxin once you are Gulped, so keep that in mind. Lastly, Avoid the ground animation for the Belly Slam at all costs as it can deal tons of damage or one shot. 

Overall, this boss is easy to take down as tanks just need to find their opening to wail on the boss while avoiding its slam and gulp attacks. The healers can focus on support and keeping everyone alive until the boss is slain. 

Gulping Goliath - Loot

  • Mail Head - Amphibian's Bellowing Crown
    • Stat - Crit/Mastery
  • Leather Shoulder - Ancient Hornswog Spaulders
    • Stat - Haste/Vers
  • Dagger - Croaking Dagger
    • Stat - Agi, Vers/Crit
  • Cloth Wrist - Lily-Laced Bracelets
    • Stat - Vers/Mastery
  • Plate Waist - Ravenous Omnivore's Girdle
    • Stat - Crit/Mastery
  • Mail Feet - Swoglet Stompers
    • Stat - Vers/Mastery
  • 1H Axe - Tongue Hacker
    • Stat - Str, Vers/Haste

Halls of Infusion Dungeon Boss - Khajin the Unyielding

Khajin the Unyielding lives up to its name as this boss can easily overwhelm you with its various attacks that deal Frost damage and some that can't be avoided. 

WoW Dragonflight Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide All Bosses Khajin the Unyielding boss
The Khajin the Unyielding Boss. (Picture: WoWHead)

Once the fight begins, Khajin the Unyielding will cast a Hailstorm, and the only way to survive it is to hide behind any nearby Ice Boulders or use immunity. Make sure to always find a new boulder to hide behind after each Hailstorm because once you've used the Ice Boulders, they will become damaged and eventually destroyed with the next Hailstorm, causing Avalanche, which deals damage if you're near it. 

The Ice Boulders still let you inflict harm on the boss through them, so casters can safely fire back while the Hailstorm is active. You should also avoid being struck by the Glacial Surge Rings at all costs, as they deal heavy damage.

Lastly, Khajin the Unyielding will acquire the Frost Cyclone spell when playing on Mythic difficulty. It will damage or even destroy any existing Ice Boulders, so be sure to avoid or sidestep them instead of trying to bait them toward an Ice Boulder.

For this fight, in general, you'll want to lead the boss towards the Ice Boulders to increase the damage uptime of your melee DPS when they exit melee to hide during Hailstorm casts. Healers will want to be focused on support during this fight as there is a Polar Winds debuff on all players during the fight, so simply stay live and deal damage until the boss falls. 

Khajin the Unyielding - Loot

  • Finger - Circle of Ascended Frost
    • Stat - Haste/Vers
  • Plate Head - Earthshaker's Steel Visor
    • Stat - Mastery/Vers
  • Trinket - Globe of Jagged Ice
    • Stat - Agi
  • Mail Chest - Hauberk of Frozen Fervor
    • Stat - Vers/Crit
  • Cloth Feet - Khajin's Hailstone Footwraps
    • Stat - Mastery/Vers

Halls of Infusion Dungeon Boss - Primal Tsunami

There are two phases to the Primal Tsunami boss encounter: Violent Swells in phase one and Infused Waters in phase two. Up until the boss reaches 100 Energy during Stage One, you will be fighting on the main platform. 

WoW Dragonflight Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide All Bosses Primal Tsunami Boss
The Primal Tsunami Boss. (Picture: WoWHead)

When that occurs, phase two will start using Cast Away. You will be taken back to the bridge's entrance during this stage, where you originally entered, and you must find your way to the boss. Remember that your team will be divided into two (3 players in one corridor and 2 players in the other).  For the fight itself, during phases one and two, you need to stay away from the Infused Globule ground spheres. If you don't, you'll take a lot of initial damage and get the secondary Waterlogged debuff.

Then you need to avoid the approaching Crashing Tsunami during phase two, and when you reach the boss again, you must deal with and defeat 2 Primalist Infusers to return to its first phase.

When it comes to the Primalist Infusers, it's crucial to stop the boss from using the Infuse ability as it increases the Primal Tsunami's damage output. You also need to watch out for the Inundate cast, which deals Frost damage.

On Mythic difficulty, the boss will also use the Rogue Waves ability, which you need to avoid as the oncoming waves deal Frost damage and Knock your players back. 

For this fight, tank players will need to be present at all times to deal melee damage and stop the boss from casting Undertow. As soon as the boss starts casting Squall Buffet, use active mitigation to halt it or you will be knocked back, and Focused Deluge will be applied as a follow-up debuff.

Healers need to be ready to prop up the health of all teammates on the field as well as focus on dispelling the slow effect of the Waterlogged cast as quickly as they can. Simply keep dealing damage to the boss and avoid the attacks until the boss falls. 

Primal Tsunami - Loot

  • Plate Shoulder - Mantle of Crushing Waves
    • Stat - Vers/Mastery
  • Cloth Chest - Robe of Plunging Depths
    • Stat - Crit/Mastery
  • Mail Hands - Torrential Downpour Gauntlets
    • Stat - Haste/Vers
  • Leather Feet - Treads of Restored Order
    • Stat - Haste/Vers
  • 2H Sword - Undertow Tideblade
    • Stat - Str, Crit/Mastery
  • Trinket - Water's Beating Heart
    • Stat - Int


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