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All WoW Dragonflight Super Rares: Locations & Loot Drops

A complete list of all Super Rares in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, alongside their exact map coordinates and the loot they can drop.
All WoW Dragonflight Super Rares: Locations & Loot Drops

Looking to get ahead of the competition with some shiny loot drops? Then you will probably want to find and kill multiple "Super Rares" in World of Warcraft (WoW)'s Dragonflight expansion across various zones of Dragon Isles.

This guide has you covered, featuring the exact map coordinate locations for the known Super Rares in WoW Dragonflight, alongside the loot/gear that they can possibly drop, so let's get started.

Please note: Apart from the locations via coordinates and the loot drop list for Super Rares; this article has no WoW Dragonflight story spoilers.

Update on 12 May 2023: We've updated this article with the latest details on the Super Rare locations in WoW Dragonflight.

All Super Rare Locations in WoW Dragonflight

wow dragonflight super rares locations coordinates drop loot ilevel ilvl world of warcraft azure span waking shores thaldraszus
Gnarls is a Super Rare located in The Azure Span, that can drop a Shield or some Plate Hands. (Picture: WoWHead via Sekto / Blizzard)

First up, we suggest that you install a map addon such as TomTom and use the following coordinates to find each of the Super Rares in WoW Dragonflight. We've listed the locations per zone you can find these Super Rares in.

Waking Shores Super Rare Locations:

  • Rohzor Forgesmash - 30.6, 61.1
  • Turboris - 33.1, 55.5
  • Battlehorn Pyrhus - 28.5, 58.8
  • Cauldronbearer Blakor - 26.2, 57.8
  • Char - 30.6, 51.5
  • Captain Lancer - 27.0, 76.4
  • Enkine the Voracious - 59.1, 30,7

The Azure Span Super Rare Locations:

  • Gnarls - 14.1, 37.5
  • Blisterhide - 14.1, 31.1
  • High Shaman Rotknuckle - 16.2, 33.6
  • Snarglebone - 10.9, 32.2

Thaldraszus Super Rare Locations:

  • Ancient Protector - 59.1, 58.7

We will update this section if or when more Super Rares in WoW Dragonflight are found.

WoW Dragonflight Super Rares Loot/Gear Drops

wow dragonflight super rares locations coordinates drop loot ilevel ilvl world of warcraft azure span waking shores thaldraszus
Super Rares can drop up to iLvl 385 loot! (Picture: WoWhead via Kiyoine / Blizzard)

The loot drops for Super Rares in Dragonflight can go all the way up to iLvl 385, which is higher than Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder drops and just below normal Vault of the Incarnates drops from the first few bosses.

As per the WoWHead database, check out the loot drops for every Super Rare found so far in WoW Dragonflight below.

Rohzor Forgesmash loot drops:

  • Plate Helm
  • 1H Str Mace

Turboris loot drops:

  • Leather Boots
  • Plate Legs
  • 2H Int Staff
  • Primal Ritual Shell

Battlehorn Pyrhus loot drops:

  • 1H Int Mace
  • Plate Legs
  • Mail Helm
  • Leather Shoulders
  • Cloth Boots
  • Gun
  • Crit/Haste Ring
  • 1H Agi Fist Weapon
  • Leather Chest
  • Blazing Essence
  • Primal Ritual Shell
  • Seasoned Hunter's Trophy
  • Lucky Hunting Charm

Cauldronbearer Blakor loot drops:

  • Plate Helm
  • 1H Str Mace

Char loot drops:

  • Plate Shoulders
  • Cape
  • 2H Int Staff
  • Mail Shoulders
  • Plate Leg

Captain Lancer loot drops:

  • 2H Str Polearm
  • Plate Helm
  • 1H Str Mace

Enkine the Voracious loot drops:

  • Volcanic Chakram Agi 1H Fist
  • Regurgitated Stone Handaxe Str 1H Axe
  • Inextinguishable Gavel Int 1H Mace
  • Molten Flak Cannon Agi Gun
  • Ring of Embers Crit/Haste Ring
  • Primal Ritual Shell
  • Blazing Essence

Gnarls loot drops:

  • Shield
  • Plate Hands

Blisterhide loot drops:

  • Mail Helm
  • Leather Shoulders
  • Cloth Boots
  • Crit/Vers Neck
  • 1H Warglaive
  • 1H Dagger
  • Primal Ritual Shell

High Shaman Rotknuckle loot drops:

  • Leather Legs
  • Crossbow
  • 1H Agi Sword

Snarglebone loot drops:

  • Leather Legs
  • Crossbow

Ancient Protector loot drops:

  • 2H Agi Polearm
  • Dreamweaver Acolyte's Staff
  • Plate Chest
  • 1H Agit Sword

We suggest going for those with the types of items you need to upgrade desperately. These Super Rares don't drop loot for every class or spec.

So there you have it, a complete list of all known Super Rares in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion. We will endeavor to update this article once more Super Rares are either found or added in an update, so check back soon.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.