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All WoW Emerald Dream Dragon Glyphs Locations

We pinpoint the precise locations of all WoW Dragon Glyphs in Emerald Dream so you can progress further into the Dragonriding talent tree.
All WoW Emerald Dream Dragon Glyphs Locations

World of Warcraft (WoW) Dragonflight players can bolster their dragonriding skills even further by heading to the exact locations of the Dragon Glyphs in the new Emerald Dream zone and collecting them!

If you don't want to search through the massive new WoW Dragonflight zone, then we've got you covered with a no-nonsense guide to all the Emerald Dream Dragon Glyph locations.

Emerald Dream Dragon Glyph Locations & Coordinates

wow dragonflight emerald dream dragon glyphs locations coordinates tomtom waypoints talents points tree
You can also earn some achievements by finding all the Dragon Glyphs in the Emerald Dream. (Picture: Blizzard)

We aren't going to beat around the bush here; we know you are busy gearing for or raiding in Amirdrassil. There are 8 new Dragon Glyphs to collect in the Emerald Dream.

You can easily use these TomTom map coordinates to get all the Dragon Glyphs in Emerald Dream. However, we've also added the area of the Emerald Dream they appear in and a quick little description of the location so you know where to look.

Emerald Dream Zone Coordinates Location Description
Amirdrassil /way #2200 49.9 64.3 Amirdrassil Fly straight to the top of the new world tree, Amirdrassil.
Eye of Ysera /way #2200 60.3 30.1 Eye of Ysera Head to a small island just Southeast of the Eye of Ysera.
Cinder Summit /way #2200 29.9 21.2 Cinder Summit Top-level of the Cinder Summit. 
Dreamsurge Basin /way #2200 45.5 45.8 Dreamsurge Basin Right in the middle of the Dreamsurge Basin, area hanging in the sky between two big trees.
Smoldering Copse /way #2200 33.7 45.6 Smoldering Copse Go to the highest point of the Smoldering Corpse area and look for a burnt tree.
Furnace Coil /way #2200 21.2 26.7 Furnace Coil Above the raid entrance. Look for the highest peak.
Whorlwing Basin /way #2200 31.7 80.7 Whorlwing Basin At the clearing in Whorlwing Basin.
Wakeful Vista /way #2200 61.6 75.4 Wakeful Vista On the branches of a tree, floating to the side.

With the precise locations of all Dragon Glyphs in Emerald Dream, you can spend eight more points in the Dragonriding talent tree, bolstering your flight even further. It should only take about 30 to 45 minutes to collect them all for most WoW Dragonflight players, so get to it!

Looking for more about the Emerald Dream zone and the rewards you can get? Then we've got you covered below.

In case you've been trapped in a dream (or nightmare?), unable to wake up, and missed it, check out everything in the Guardians of the Dream (WoW Dragonflight Season 3 update 10.2), including all the features and content!

So there you have it, the locations and descriptions of each new Dragon Glyph in the Emerald Dream zone following WoW Dragonflight's huge 10.2 update. Enjoy, heroes of Azeroth!


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.