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How To Get The Hound Jawbone In WoW SoD

Here, we will go over how to find the Hound Jawbone in WoW SoD and what it can lead to.
How To Get The Hound Jawbone In WoW SoD

World of Warcraft Classic is currently experiencing the Season of Discovery. For those who are unaware, the Season of Discovery is sort of a remix of Classic WoW with new content for players to check out. This includes new items and new Runes, which can drastically alter how the game plays for certain classes.

As Phase 2 of SoD approaches, players are trying to complete as much content as possible. This means collecting Runes and seeing what the game has to offer. One Rune requires players to get the Hound Jawbone first. Here, we are going to go over how to find the Hound Jawbone in WoW SoD.

How To Find The Hound Jawbone In WoW SoD

WoW Hound Jawbone
The Season of Discovery is here for World of Warcraft. (Picture: Blizzard)

The Hound Jawbone is going to be an item that players will want to find quickly if they want to improve their Warlock characters in WoW SoD. There are actually a couple of different ways to get the Hound Jawbone. Firstly, players can find the low-level Wolf enemies and slay them to see if they drop Hound Jawbones.

Players can also get them from Auction Houses, or they can be traded with a friend. Thankfully, Warlock players can just go around their starting zone and start hunting Wolves. This will work for both factions, and there are no restrictions. We recommend players focus on slaying Wolves to get the Hound Jawbone.

How To Get Demonic Grace In WoW SoD

WoW SoD Jawbone
The Hound Jawbone will lead to getting Demonic Grace in WoW SoD. (Picture: Blizzard)

To get Demonic Grace for a Warlock character, players will need to get the Rune of Grace. The Rune of Grace is a Warlock Rune that can only be obtained by having a Hound Jawbone. The Hound Jawbone is used to summon Soboz, which, when defeated, will give players the Rune of Grace, which will allow players to use Demonic Grace.

Demonic Grace can be obtained early, and players will want to get it as fast as possible. It gives players increased dodge by 30% which includes the player's pet as well. On top of that, players will get an increased critical strike rate of 30%. To put it simply, it is an item that players will want to get as soon as possible.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.