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How to get Tabard of the Protector in WoW: Classic

Here's how you can get your hands on the coveted Tabard of the Protector in WoW: Classic during the Burning Crusade pre-patch event.
How to get Tabard of the Protector in WoW: Classic

Fans of the original World of Warcraft currently playing on the WoW: Classic servers are busy fighting back the demons from Outland in the Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch event. Before Burning Crusade Classic releases on 1st June 2021, WoW: Classic players have a chance to get their hands on the coveted Tabard of the Protector as a reminder of their fight against the demon legions of Outland. Here's how you can get your hands on the Tabard of the Protector in WoW: Classic right now.

WoW: Classic - How to get Tabard of the Protector

The Tabard of the Protector item is the only Classic tabard with a cosmetic on-use effect, making it a must-have for WoW: Classic players across Azeroth. 

On use, the item creates a Holy Nova flash of light and also causes your character to flex. It has a 5-minute cooldown.

how to get Tabard of the Protector wow classic burning crusade event dark portal quest(Picture: Blizzard via WoWHead)

To get the Tabard of the Protector in WoW: Classic, simply follow the steps below.

  • Launch WoW: Classic and head to the Badlands.
  • Locate the Dark Portal.
  • Find an NPC called Argent Emissary Proudwell.
  • Accept the quest "Into the Breach".
  • Kill 6 Invading Felguards.
  • Return to Argent Emissary Proudwell to claim your reward.

While getting the Tabard of the Protector in WoW: Classic might seem easy, it might not be. This is due to so many players converging on the Dark Portal in the Badlands.

Players will need to tag (hit first) a total of six Felguards, which means you might take quite some time before getting the quest done. Lastly, you do need a level 55 or higher character for the quest to become available.

The quest will only be available until 1st June 2021, and since it might take some time to complete, players should start as soon as possible.

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