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How To Level Up Fast in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

The ninth expansion of the WoW franchise, Dragonflight, is here, and here are the fastest ways to reach level 70.
How To Level Up Fast in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is the ninth expansion in the WoW franchise, and everyone already wants to reach the highest level possible, which is level 70. But the question arises how to level up fast and reach level 70? This also means you will be unlocking different in-game content as you keep leveling up.

Although there have been quite a few changes, including new content, game mechanics, and more in Dragonflight compared to its previous expansions, the basics and overall characteristics of the game are the same. Therefore, returning players won’t find many difficulties leveling up. Here are the same easy and fastest possible ways to level up World of Warcraft Dragonflight:

Ways Level Up Fast in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

The highest level in Wow Dragonflight is Level 70.
The highest level in Wow Dragonflight is Level 70. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

To level up fast, players need to focus on gaining as much XP as they can; therefore, one of the most common and obvious ways to level up in Dragonflight is by completing the Main Quests. Apart from completing the Main Quests, here are some other ways to earn XP and level up fast in WoW Dragonflight.

Use the Rested Bonus

Using Rested Bonus can be the easiest way to gain XP and level up in WoW Dragonflight. The Rested Bonus is awarded to players when they are offline, and they keep gaining an XP bonus while they are away for several hours. Therefore make sure while you go offline, your Character should be rested inside an Inn or a Major City.

Complete Quests in a group

WoW Dragonflight being an online game, helps you to play along with friends, and completing the Group Quests gives you one of the most amounts of XP you can earn in the game. Not only this helps to gain the maximum amount of XP it also saves time a lot of time. While completing group quests killing Mobs also adds a ton of XP toward your level progression.

Turn on War Mode

Although turning on War Mode enables PvP mode, this allows you to guarantee to receive 10% - 15% more XP for killing mobs or completing a quest. War Mode can be turned on by going into either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Though 10% to 15% looks not to have much in XP gain advantage, when you want to level up fast, and as you reach a higher level, those extra XP comes in handy.

Complete your Dungeons

As mentioned earlier, completing main quests will help you to earn XP, but if you complete the Dungeons Quests as well, it will chip in some extra XP which is significant enough to level up faster. We suggest you play as a healer or tank while completing the Dungeon Quests, as it will be easier to find groups. Also, you can gain the maximum XP you can.

Complete Bonus Objectives

While completing the main quests, you will come across bonus objectives or world quests. These quests are indicated by a yellow outline on your mini-map, along with a quests tracker on your UI indicating the goals and the progression of the quests. Completing the world quests provides you a ton of XP which will help you a lot to level up.

But do keep in mind these quests can be found along the main quests, therefore, keep your primary focus on the main quests and then complete the world quests or bonus objectives.

Equip Guild Items 

There are a lot of items that will give you additional XP when you equip them and kill mobs or complete quests. Items are the Guild cloak and the Guild Banner, for example. These can be purchased from the vendor in either Orgrimmar or Stormwind. However, this can is only possible if you have joined any Guild.

That's all about the ways for Dragonflight's fastest leveling.


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