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Get WoW Tobias Pet: All Buried Satchels (Dirt Mound) Locations

A step-by-step guide to getting the Tobias dog pet in WoW Dragonflight by finding all the Buried Satchel (Dirt Mound) locations for Secrets of Azeroth.
Get WoW Tobias Pet: All Buried Satchels (Dirt Mound) Locations

Do you want to get the awesome Tobias dog pet with a cute hat in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight? Then, you will need to act quickly, finding all the Buried Satchel (Dirt Mound) locations scattered across the world in the Secrets of Azeroth event.

In this guide, we explain what you will need to do to complete an achievement, rewarding you with the Tobias pet and the Blue Tweed Cap. We'll also share the locations with exact coordinates for every Buried Satchel, which looks like a dirt mound, so let's mount up and ride in!

Update on 13 September 2023: We've updated this article with the Buried Satchels number 12 to 15!

How To Get Tobias Pet & Blue Tweed Cap in WoW Dragonflight

wow pet tobias world of warcraft dog how to get buried satchel dirt mount locations
Tobias the dog pet from WoW Secrets of Azeroth to the right. You know you want it! (Picture: Blizzard)

During the Secrets of Azeroth event in WoW Dragonflight, there's an achievement called Community Rumor Mill, which tasks you with finding 10 Buried Satchels. The specific description of the achievement reads:

Find 10 Buried Satchels using rumors from around the community.

There are around 15 Buried Satchels found in Dirt Mounts spread across Azeroth to find, but to get the Tobias pet, you only need to find 10. For the Blue Tweed Cap, you need to find only five (5). At this point, Tobias will be added to your Pets List! The next section of this guide tells you the locations of the Buried Satchels.

Buried Satchel Dirt Mound Locations in WoW Secrets of Azeroth 

wow pet tobias world of warcraft dog how to get buried satchel dirt mount locations
You will need to use the Torch of Pyrreth toy in some of these locations as we've explained below to unveil the Dirt Mounds to get the Buried Satchels. (Picture: Blizzard)

Credit goes to the amazing WoWHead staff and community who've followed all the clues to get these locations!

You will find the locations of all the Dirt Mounds containing Buried Satchels as well as additional instructions for the WoW Secrets of Azeroth community event below.

  • Buried Satchel #1: /way #23 55.2 59.4 at Eastern Plaguelands
  • Buried Satchel #2: /way #77 42.2 48.1 at Bloodvenom Falls in Felwood (underwater)
  • Buried Satchel #3: /way #64 42.7 30.6 at Razorfen Downs in Thousand Needles inside cave. Entrance at 64 43.9 37.4
  • Buried Satchel #4: /way #539 35.3 48.9 at Moonwillow Peak in Draenor Shadowmoon Valley.
  • Buried Satchel #5: /way #109 26.2 68.5 Hidden Satchel at Manaforge B'naar in Netherstorm. Channel Torch of Pyrreth to spawn it if the Dirt Mound is not visible.
  • Buried Satchel #6: /way #376 56.7 21.4 in the Valley of the Four Winds hidden inside the statue's mouth.
  • Buried Satchel #7: /way #2024 25.2 71.4 on an island in Azure Span. Use Torch of Pyrreth to melt the snowmen and find the Dirt Mound.
  • Buried Satchel #8: /way #115 63.9 72.6 at Emerald Dragonshrine in Dragonblight in the middle of the claw skeleton.
  • Buried Satchel #9: /way #10 46.0 50.6 in Northern Barrens, on top of a hill.
  • Buried Satchel #10: /way #17 64.6 55.4 in Blasted Lands. Use Torch of Pyrreth on the crystal to spawn the Dirt Mound.
  • Buried Satchel #11: /way #107 57.8 26.3 in Nagrand on a floating island (fly up!).
  • Buried Satchel #12: /way #116 20.2 81.2 Alliance Satchel & /way #116 10.9 74.9 Horde Satchel in Grizzly Hills.
  • Buried Satchel #13: /way #650 53.3 87.4 in Highmountain.
  • Buried Satchel #14: /way #115 73.2 39.5 in Dragonblight.
  • Buried Satchel #15: /way #554 38.7 54.9 in Timeless Isles.

Please note: To the best of our knowledge, you can complete these in any order.

At the time of writing, the last few Buried Satchels have not been found. We will update this article once their locations are available, but remember, you only need 10 to get Tobias!

Finding all the Buried Satchels in WoW Dragonflight during the Secrets of Azeroth event can be a bit tricky, even with the locations we've outlined. For a visual guide, check out Warcraft Quest Guide's awesome, informative video below, showcasing the in-game locations of these Dirt Mounds to get the Tobias dog pet today!

So there you have it, all the locations of Buried Satchels for the Secrets of Azeroth event in WoW Dragonflight, so you can get Tobias the dog as soon as possible! Good luck on your travels, heroes!


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