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WoW: The Great Push - Schedule, format, rules & registration

Blizzard has announced the first of presumed numerous competitive dungeon tournaments, The Great Push. This is a standalone tournament set to occur after the Mythic Dungeon Invitational (MDI) Finals at the end of May.
WoW: The Great Push - Schedule, format, rules & registration

In their continuous attempt to expand World of Warcraft’s competitive dungeon scene, Blizzard has created a new tournament where any player can register. This tournament is separate from the MDI and there are no requirements to enter. A team of five players can sign up for their chance at a US,000 prize pool. The first-place team takes home US,000 with the lowest prize going to 6th place at US,000. 

To begin, teams will first compete in the initial qualifier phase, the Proving Grounds, on the 22-23rd of May. In the qualifier phase, teams will be given two dungeon keystone combinations to push to the highest level they can obtain in the tournament realm. Once qualified, the top six teams will be invited to the main tournament where they will compete over the several Shadowlands dungeons in which they will have to push their keystones to the highest level possible. The victor will be the team who has the highest overall score for dungeons pushed and will be crowned the champion of The Great Push.

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Although similar to MDI in its adaptation of rules, teams will not be required to use the formal 1-3-1 compositions of one tank, three DPS, and one healer. But in response to this, spec stacking is not allowed but class stacking is. Allowing for teams to bring in different sets of classes such as one Holy Paladin and one Protection Paladin. The tournament will be held in the tournament realm from start to finish, allowing for more gear optimization and streamlining as well as give players the ability to abandon or restart a key. Like MDI, all dungeons will come with predetermined dungeon Mythic+ affixes. 

The tournament will begin as soon as signups close on 17th May. Accounts will be flagged for the tournament realm allowing for players to run however many keys needed. Once the Proving Grounds section of the tournament begins, players will receive a quest that offers them a key that will give players the ability to track the progress of teams. 

The event will be broadcast on the World of Warcraft YouTube channel and on the Warcraft Twitch channel. Players will also be able to stream their own perspectives during the tournament, including the Proving Grounds qualifiers. 

For more information on The Great Push and Blizzard’s thoughts on moving forward with the MDI, check out the tournament info page


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