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100 Thieves "War At Home" Warzone tournament: schedule, format, prize pool & how-to watch

Learn everything you need to know about the 100 Thieves Warzone From Home tournament including schedule, format, prize pool and how you can watch all the action.
With the glut of esport events being cancelled or postponed its nice to see how quickly the 100 Thieves Warzone At Home event has come about.

Kicking off on Friday 20th March and running just for the day the tournament will see 16 teams compete for a 0,000 prize pool in the battle royale game mode in the new free to play Call of Duty: Warzone.



The tournament is unique as it will see $50,000 going to the winning team's chosen charities and a further $50,000 going to the chat on Twitch with no information yet how this will be distributed.

You can expect 100 Thieves CEO and former CoD pro Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag to be competing and probably alongside Fortnite's Denis "Cloakzy" Lepore and Thomas "72hrs" Mulligan who he has been playing with since it's release.

One player who is not yet confirmed, but would be notable by his absence, is Nick "Nickmercs" Kolcheff.

He has been loving the game since release, so much so, that in a recent stream he said he might be giving up Fortnite for good saying: "Man... Fortnite huh? What was it? Two years and some change? I think we had a good run."

The only thing stopping his appearance though was the circumstances of his leaving 100 Thieves when he claimed that Nadeshot broke promises after a dispute about an equity deal regarding the esport organisation.

What we do know is that many of 100 Thieves roster will be playing including Noah "NoahJ456" Johnson and Jack "CouRage" Dunlop.

This isn't the only Warzone tournament that has emerged as Keemstar has also got in on the act putting together Warzone Wednesdays, which will weirdly start on Tuesday of next week.


The Teams

100 Thieves War at home call of duty warzone tournament how to watch

When is 100 Thieves Warzone From Home taking place?

Warzone from home will take place on Friday 20th March, and likely to start between 10 am PT. It will be played entirely online.

How can I watch the event?

The event will likely be broadcast from the 100 Thieves Cash App Compound on their official CashApp Twitch channel that we have embedded below. 



We will add more information to this as we know.