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Best KSP 45 loadout for Warzone Season 4

Looking for the best attachments for the KSP 45 in Warzone Season 4? Based on our testing, the KSP 45 performs surprisingly well at the start of the new season, provided you use this class setup.
Best KSP 45 loadout for Warzone Season 4
With the start of Warzone Season 4, the meta is experiencing huge shifts and it seems that Raven is slowly finding that sweet spot where they have as many weapons viable as possible.

And when the meta is as diverse as it currently is, it is a perfect time for some not-so-popular weapons to thrive, especially those guns which operate in unique ways.

One such weapon is the KSP 45 SMG, which comes with the burst-fire feature by default, unique amongst the SMGs (not provided with the Burst perk).

This 3-round burst submachine gun can often surprise unsuspecting enemies and make them dead before even realising what hit them.

And while we would definitely not put the KSP 45 at the top of our Warzone Season 4 SMG Tier list, we absolutely think that the weapon has the potential to be a strong meta pick for players who prefer its distinguishable playstyle.

If you like to play with a somewhat unique SMG, the KSP 45 is a perfect choice for you, just be sure to use the right attachments.

The best KSP 45 loadout for Warzone Season 4

The best KSP 45 loadout attachments for Warzone Season 4(Picture: Activision)

The KSP 45 starts to lose its power quickly at longer ranges, so with this build, we want to improve its mid-range viability while making it even easier to control.

After a few days of intense testing, we consider this to best the best attachments for the KSP 45 in Warzone Season 4.

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
    Not much to say here, this is absolutely a must-pick. Asides from sound suppression, it will improve bullet velocity and effective damage range, all while decreasing vertical recoil.
  • Barrel: 10.2" Rifled
    Improves the potency of the weapon at mid-range by increasing effective damage range.
  • Laser: Ember Sighting Point
    We are min-maxing the build by further increasing the weapon's effective damage range. There's also a nice bonus to hip-fire accuracy, as you will more often than not find yourself in situations where you will need to shot immediately.
  • Ammo: Salvo 48 Rnd Fast Mag
    Here we opt for the fast 48-round magazine which will significantly improve our ability to stay longer in combat without having to retreat.
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip
    Finally, we choose the Field Agent Foregrip. The 3-round burst can make us a lot of trouble with controlling the gun, and both vertical and horizontal control provided by this underbarrel should help us to alleviate the bounce.

And with that, our KSP 45 class setup for Warzone Season 4 is complete. This build will provide you with a deadly close-range gun that can quickly eliminate the opponents, while still performing reasonably well at mid-range.

Keep in mind that intermissions between bursts are nothing to ignore, thus this weapon heavily relies on your ability to react quickly and be laser-precise, as the first burst is often the most important one, so keep your eyes open and fingers ready to shoot.

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