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Best SP-R 208 loadout for Warzone Season 3

Marksman rifles have always been praised for their mobility and the SP-R is no different.
Best SP-R 208 loadout for Warzone Season 3
Ever since the release of Warzone, marksman rifles have been the predominant snipers, as they have the perfect combination of stability, range, and mobility compared to other weapons. 

While many still prefer Kar98K, the SP-R 208 is a solid pick if you're looking to toy around with an off-meta gun. Yes, despite being hit with nerfs at the end of last year, the SP-R 208 wasn't touched with the Season 3 patch notes, after many feared another nerf was on the way.

We'll be focusing on exploiting the range of the gun with this build, so if that's what you're looking for, check out this SP-R 208 marksman rifle loadout.

Best SP-R 208 loadout in Warzone Season 3

SP-R 208 best loadout
(Picture: Activision)

  • Muzzle - Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel - SP-R 26”
  • Optic - Solozero SP-R 28mm
  • Ammunition - .338 Lapua Mag 5-R Mags
  • Bolt - Sloan KR-800 DeadEye

Starting with the Monolithic Suppressor, it's a great addition to the SP-R 208 as it adds more range to the rifle and it makes your shots harder to track, letting you keep the element of surprise for longer.

Moving to the barrel, the SP-R 26” not only adds to the range of your rifle, but a faster bullet velocity means shots will impact faster, allowing you to have cleaner shots without having to predict the direction of your opponents with a slower travel time.

The Solozero SP-R 28mm Optic is an absolute beast of a zoom, giving you access to a 7.0x one. This is for those looking to make the most out of their range increase and the bullet velocity buff the barrel we choose gives you. 

Finally, the exclusive Sloan KR-800 DeadEye bolt, which is only available to the SP-R 208, is the final touch the gun needs, as it's the perfect attachment to help you with the rifle's stability, adding to your precision, especially if you're looking forward to really long-range engagements. 


There you have it! Don't forget to visit our Call of Duty section to stay up to date with the best loadouts for each weapon coming into Season 3.