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Black Ops Cold War open beta extended by one day thanks to easter egg

The Black Ops Cold War open beta has been extended by one day thanks to a community-solved easter egg.
Black Ops Cold War open beta extended by one day thanks to easter egg
If you were craving some more time with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, your wish has been granted. A short while ago, a new teaser popped up on

This was the site where Black Ops Cold War was originally teased and led players on a huge hunt through Warzone and Black Ops 4. It's also where the Zombies teasers initially took place. 

when does black ops cold war beta end
(Picture: Treyarch)

Earlier today, it was updated for the first time since the community figured out the Zombies easter egg. At first, no one quite knew what this meant. However, after some digging, fans discovered that another easter egg hunt was in front of them and the community got together to piece it all together. 

In only a little over an hour, fans were able to decipher the codes laid out before them and earn the entire community one extra day of the Black Ops Cold War open beta. 

Easter Egg grants players extra day of Black Ops Cold War beta

In the past, developers have often extended or released their betas early. Obviously, fans want as much time with the multiplayer as possible before the full game comes out (13th November for Black Ops Cold War). Treyarch did this during the Black Ops 4 beta in 2018. 

However, instead of simply granting the extension free of charge, the developers decided to make the player base work for it. On, fans were able to complete a series of clues and ciphers in order to receive the extension. 

Black Ops Cold War beta easter egg(Picture: Treyarch)

Of course, we didn't know what was waiting for us at the end of the easter egg. Still, the Call of Duty community came together once again and was able to figure the codes out within a mere hour. If you want to see the steps in order, you can check out the thread below. 

YouTuber Geekypastimes is credited with figuring out the easter egg first. His Discord community worked together great and at the end of the hunt, they were greeted with this image. 

Black Ops Cold War beta(Picture: Treyarch)

As of now, it seems that the Black Ops Cold War open beta will now end Tuesday, 20th October at around 1 pm ET.

Players have until then to check out all of the fresh content that Treyarch released today in a brand new update.