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Call of Duty
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Next Call of Duty is a Black Ops reboot, according to leaks

Youtuber The Gaming Revolution, who's been a reliable and on point CoD leaker before, uploaded a new video with a lot of new pieces of information regarding this year's entry in Call of Duty franchise.
We're very close to that time of the year when Activision usually officially announces a new Call of Duty game, and we expect that to happen within the next ~30 days.

With that date being closer with each day, we can expect various news, rumors, leaks, and other sorts of information to rise in numbers exponentially. Some will be true, some false, as usual. But for sure, it will be exciting to hear them! Until official info, that is.

Youtube channel The Gaming Revolution is amongst the most reliable leakers when it comes to Call of Duty. And he had just released a new video, almost half an hour long,  where he talks about everything he claims to know about the latest Call of Duty game.

As you might guess from its length, the video contains an abundance of information which covers a lot of aspects of that potential new Call of Duty. Which of them (if any) are accurate, we can not guess, but they sure sound exciting!

The main takeaway from the video is undoubtedly the fact that the 2020 CoD game will be a Black Ops Reboot, named simply Call of Duty Black Ops, just like Modern Warfare last year.

It's in development at Treyarch, with the help of Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software. It will use the same engine as Modern Warfare, developed by Infinity Ward Poland.

We suggest you watch the video in full for in-depth info and all the details, but if you don't have time, here's the list of some other keynotes taken from the video.

  • This supposed reboot will contain a story campaign, focused on the Vietnam War, with characters Alex Mason and Sergeant Frank Woods returning(portrayed by new actors).
  • We will play from the perspective of the USA, South Vietnam, and the Viet Cong, with dark, gritty narrative and highly realistic gore scenes.
  • Multiplayer DLCs will be free for everyone who owns the base game.
  • Zombies are probably back, and they will be paid content (Zombies season pass).
  • There will be various multiplayer modes, including 32 vs. 32 Ground War, but it isn't sure yet if there will be a Battle Royale mode. We think that with f2p Call of Duty: Warzone, BR mode within new CoD game will make little sense

These are some of the information, but there's more, so if you're interested, watch the video below.