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Call of Duty
Call of Duty

Call Of Duty 2020 won’t feature jetpacks, according to Treyarch developer

A developer at Treyarch has seemingly confirmed jetpacks won’t feature in the next Call Of Duty, strongly rumoured to be Black Ops 5.

While the next Call Of Duty is yet to be officially announced, it’s believed Treyarch are taking the helm on the next entry a year earlier than usual following behind-the-scenes issues at Activision. 

This has led many to believe the next instalment will be Black Ops 5, after Treyarch made 2018’s Black Ops 4.  

Treyarch’s Game Designer Director, David Vonderhaar, has since seemingly offered details about the title in response to fans on Twitter, appearing to confirm jetpacks won’t be returning.  

In response to a fan who tweeted “you butter [sic] have jetpacks in the next COD”, Vonderhaar replied: “NO”. 

Elaborating further to a fan who claimed jetpacks would “revive” Call Of Duty, he added: “Such short-term memories. You hung me from the highest branch.  

“No. NO. I have PTSD.” 

After his comments circulated on news outlets, Vonderhaar has seemingly distanced himself from it ‘confirming’ jetpacks won’t feature, writing: “Did I? I love tabloids.” 

It’s important to note his comments aren’t exactly a denial either, so it seems like jetpacks, previously featured in Black Ops 3, could still be off the table.  

The success of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, which takes place in the modern day, might also sway Activision from taking a sci-fi approach for the next title. 

The next Call Of Duty will likely be announced in May later this year, with rumours suggesting it could take place in the Vietnam War.  

It’s also expected the next title will be the first to release on next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.