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"Cancelled" Call of Duty LAN tournament goes ahead despite COVID-19 fears

American Gaming Network's Indy Open was set to be played online, however it was reported this was all a ruse and that the event is being held at rented apartments with the presence of staff members to coordinate it.
"Cancelled" Call of Duty LAN tournament goes ahead despite COVID-19 fears
In these trying times where the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped hundreds of esports related events around the world, an organiser in the United States decided to ignore all the precautions and throw a Call of Duty LAN tournament.

American Gaming Network's Indianapolis Open was set to be played 1st August with amateur CoD teams flying to the city from across the US to be a part of the competition.

Just a day before the tournament was set to begin, organisers revealed they were contacted by Activision concerning the risks of going ahead with such an event as the coronavirus is still heavily affecting North America, making them pivot to an online format.

As many teams were already in town when the announcement was made, they decided to ignore the new stipulation and continued with the original plans setting up a LAN gathering without involvement from AGN according to Reddit user Elemental Stormz.

Soon after, members of the Call of Duty League pointed out that AGN representatives were spotted at said event, and that the social media announcement regarding online set up was just to appease Activision.

"Pretty sure the online thing was fake and I believe they’re holding the LAN as we speak," Surge Joey, Head Coach for Seattle Surge stated.

Twitter user Justin Pistachio uploaded a quick clip taken from the event to show as evidence of the LAN taking place.

AGN would eventually take to social media to postpone the second day of the tournament until next week, starting on 9th August citing the "inability some players have to play in a safe environment."

The USA has been one of the worst-hit countries in the world by the COVID-19 pandemic with 152,000 deaths, lockdown restrictions have been lifted in most states but a surge in infections in the South and West of the country has seen the country break 30,000 daily infections - a record for the nation.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises people to maintain social distancing and not to travel if unless necessary.  

At the time of publication, Activision Blizzard has not made a statement regarding the LAN tournament taking place.