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Call of Duty LANs return and the inevitable fight breaks out

With Call of Duty LANs making a return, so does the fighting between "passionate" competitors.
Call of Duty LANs return and the inevitable fight breaks out
Just like Thanos in Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, some harsh words and fights between competitors are inevitable at Call of Duty LANs. Thankfully, these Call of Duty players don't have the ability to snap their fingers and decimate half the universe, otherwise, there would be a 50/50 chance I wouldn't be typing this article. In a not-so-surprising turn of events, a COD LAN in Texas turned a bit sour as competitors had an aggressive screaming match, all for a piece of the ,000 USD prize pool.

COD LANs return alongside fights

An EZONE $8k LAN was recently held in Sugarland, Texas, and for some competitors, especially during a certain situation, things weren't all that sweet.

During the Call of Duty LAN hosted by Esports Zone, things escalated a bit quickly, as the screams of COD kids could be heard on the East Coast (for reference, Texas is to the Western side of the USA). 

Call of Duty COD LAN Texas fight kids (Picture: CDL Intel)

On multiple occasions, it appears two teams went toe-to-toe in the game, and nearly got into fisticuffs as a result of a Call of Duty match.

This, as mentioned before, isn't completely unexpected, as sometimes Call of Duty and, let's call them "passionate" players can be synonymous with verbal fights.

The video below showcases some of the fighting which took place at the recent COD LAN. Please note that this video is NSFW as it contains very strong language. It also isn't safe for a younger audience, despite kids throwing these insults at one another like Ballistic Knives.

It's good to be back on LAN right? 

Unfortunately, there was one casualty during the COD LAN in the form of an innocent PC monitor, which was knocked over as one of the players ran through the venue to insult his opponents.

Rest in piece PC monitor, you might only be the first hardware casualty now that COD LANs have returned...