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Call of Duty League: latest announcement confirms locations, team names, game modes

The latest updates about the upcoming Call of Duty® League™ following the official announcement ahead of the 2020 launch.

The new Call of Duty® League™ will be 'a global, city-based esports league composed of 12 professional teams, representing 11 markets across North America and Europe', with Call of Duty esports receiving franchising that sees many big names from the CoD scene such as 100 Thieves absent from the inaugural season.

Which cities / territories have CDL teams?

The Call of Duty League 2020 will have the same the number of launch franchises the Overwatch League had for Season 1 in 2018. The confirmed list of cities on the website lists the European and American locations and the two separate 'KSE' and 'IGC' Los Angeles teams. The competition will travel between these cities for home and away games for all teams as part of the 'world tour'.

  • Atlanta (Atlanta Esports Ventures)
  • Chicago (NRG Esports)
  • Dallas (Team Envy)
  • Florida (Misfits Gaming)
  • Los Angeles x2 (Immortals Gaming Club + Kroenke Sports & Entertainment)
  • London (ReKTGlobal)
  • Minnesota (WISE Ventures)
  • New York (Sterling Equities)
  • Paris (c0ntact Gaming)
  • Seattle (Luminosity Gaming)
  • Toronto (OverActive Media)

While players have started to be confirmed for these franchises, the brands have yet to be officially revealed.

What are the names of the new CDL teams?

Some evidence and rumours had suggested possible branding ahead of the announcement, but coding left within the Call of Duty League website (now removed) seemed to confirm the names of all participating teams. The following are the most credible possibilities sourced from the domain registrations and the new website leaks. Notably, FaZe appears to be touted as the Atlanta team despite previous news suggesting the organisation might not be participating in the CDL.

The official team colours were also leaked, suggesting a heavy presence of purple featured in the CDL.

Which players have been confirmed / signed for the CDL?

Below are all of the confirmed players and confirmed signings for the upcoming Call of Duty League next year.

Atlanta FaZe


  • TBA


  • James "Crowder" Crowder (head coach)
  • Richard "RJ" Simoncelli (coach)
  • Austin "Easy Mac" O'Neil (analyst)

Chicago Huntsmen


Dallas Empire


Florida Mutineers


London Royal Ravens


  • Dylan "Dylan" Henderson
  • Jordan "Jurd" Crowley
  • Rhys "Rated" Price
  • Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall
  • Bradley "wuskin" Marshall


  • Joseph "Joee" Pinnington (head coach)
  • James "Dominate" Batz (coach)
  • Shane "ShAnE" McKerral (coach)

Los Angeles Guerrillas


Los Angeles OpTic


Minnesota Rokkr


  • Alex "Alexx" Carpenter
  • Adam "Assault" Garcia
  • Adam "GodRx" Brown
  • Justin "SiLLY" Fargo-Palmer


  • Brian "Saintt" Baroska (head coach)

New York Subliners


  • Dillon "Attach" Price
  • Lamar "Accuracy" Abedi
  • Donovan "Temp" Laroda
  • Trei "Zer0" Morris
  • Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto


  • John "Revan" Boble (coach)
  • JohnPaul "JP Krez" Krez (analyst)

Paris Legion

  • Paul "Breszy" Breszynski
  • Denholm "Denz" Taylo
  • Matthew "KiSMET" Tinsley
  • Luke "Louqa" Rigas
  • Timothy "Phantomz" Landis
  • Conrad "Shockz" Rymarek
  • Zach "Zed" Denyer

Seattle Surge


Toronto Ultra


  • TBA


  • Mark "MarkyB" Bryceland (coach)

What format will the CDL follow? What platform will it be played on?

It has been confirmed that professional play will continue to be 5v5 game modes and played exclusively on PlayStation®4. Fans of Call of Duty were previously frustrated by Survival mode being tied to the PS4 platform exclusively for the first year after launch.

No further details about the game modes played have been released, but rumours suggest the game will launch without Hardpoint.

What is the total prize pool for the CDL?

The prize pool for Call of Duty® League™ has been confirmed as $6 million.

Will there be an Call of Duty Amateur League?

The new CDL logo represents the 'three essential pillars' of professional, amateur and the community for Call of Duty. In a blog post, it was confirmed that there will be a circuit for amateur players and it will 'resemble the professional system’s gameplay and will feature both online and LAN (Local Area Network) open bracket events throughout the year'. 

With the League looking at 'fresh ways for pro players, amateurs, and fans to come together', the relationship between the professional and amateur scenes could be closer than in other franchised leagues.

Phoebe Dua

Phoebe Dua

Written by GINX redaction

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