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COD: Warzone Duos, Squads and LTMs leaked

Call of Duty leakers reveal details of several new game modes including the much sought after duos and squads.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been a phenomenon since its release, a record-breaking 30 million players and counting have played the latest battle royale offering from Infinity Ward.

Players have been loving the game but there have been a few complaints, mainly about the lack of game modes with the game only launching with a Trios mode before adding Solos last week.

But that all looks set to change - reliable Call of Duty leaker and Reddit user u/Senescallo has trawled the files that have appeared in the latest patch and found references to several new game modes, and future weapons and an entirely new game.

The new game modes include Duos, Quads - suggesting a four-man squad mode.

High Action, where the gas moves in faster. Shotty Snipers, which as the name suggests, only contains Shotguns and Snipers and no Loadout Drops and One Shot - a 1-shot headshot mode, which again, has no loadout drops.

There is also a Realism Battle Royale mode and Hardcore Battle Royale mode but these don't even have descriptions yet so we can only guess what they mean. Realism would suggest an even lower-time to kill and maybe reduced weapon load-outs and ammo, while Hardcore could see the removal of the minimap, HUD etc. With those two we will have to simply wait and see.

It is not yet clear if these modes will be limited-time-modes, or will be permanent fixtures of the game.

The third season for Modern Warfare is due for release in April, but like the introduction of the Solos mode last week we may not have to wait for a big patch to get jumping into these new modes.

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