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Call of Duty
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Call of Duty: MW & Warzone March 28 Title Update: New guns, Khandor Hideout map, Talon Operator, NVG Infected Mode & Custom Loadout price increase

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare title update v1.18 is out now featuring four new weapons for Warzone, Khandor Hideout map, Talon Operator and a brand new game mode - NVG Infected.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be receiving its first major update since the record-breaking battle royale mode - Warzone - was introduced to the game with a new map, Operator and weapons expected to be added to the game.

The next title update is scheduled for release tonight, March 27th at 11 pm PST across all platforms. The servers will go down for a time and then you will be able to update your client.

We have scoured various sources to piece together everything that will be in the latest update using only official sources so we can be pretty sure of the information we are providing.

First up, in a blog post on the Call of Duty website, it was revealed that Modern Warfare will be getting a brand new Operator called Talon as well as a new mid-sized map named - Khandor Hideout in v1.18.

While Warzone players will be getting four new weapons to play with and several gameplay tweaks such as the increase to the Custom Loadout drop which will now cost $8,500.

725 Shotgun

Call of duty modern warfare warzone 725 gunsmith v1.18 custom loadout shotguns title update march 26

Infamous in the Modern Warfare this shotgun is great at close AND long range - with its rapid-fire two-round capacity proving to melt opponents. 


MK2 Carbine

MK2 Carbine Warzone Patch 1.18 modern warfare title update march 26 NVG infected

This highly accurate bolt action rifle has one shot-kill capacity but it's single-shot nature mean you need to make sure you land your shots.


.50 GS

0.50 GS Warzone best attachements NVG Infected Title update warzone

The 0.50 GS aka the Deagle is a heavy-hitting sidearm that can absolutely take the head off an opponent up to medium range. Try some of the above attachments for a more complete setup.



EBR-14 v1.18 patch notes March 26 patch notes title update warzone custom loadout price increase

This EBR-14 Carbine is a semi-automatic long-range battle rifle balances rate of fire with lethality.


Khandor Hideout

Modern Warfare will get its third new map since the start of Season 2 with the introduction of Khandor Hideout.

Activision has described it as a "medium-sized map in Syrkistan that supports 6v6 play and has long sightlines and interior spaces to complement diverse combat ranges."

The map looks to be set in a small town with a large factory in the middle and should allow for a variety of playstyles

Operator Talon


Operator Talon Warzone Title Update march 26

There will also be a new Operator for players of Modern Warfare in the form of Talon. This Canadian Special Forces operative will be available as part of a bundle that contains two Legendary weapon blueprints and a Finishing move that involves his dog - Sasquatch!


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare March 26 Title Update v1.18 patch notes


  • New Coalition Operator, Talon!
  • Khandor Hideout 24/7 Playlist in Modern Warfare Multiplayer! 
  • NVG Infected Multiplayer Mode - Infected in the Dark. Survivors have a thermal sight and limited NVG battery, but the Infected can see in Dark. Realism damage, so make those headshots count! 
  • Plunder: Blood Money - Guaranteed cash drops on all kills. Bounty Contracts and Finishing Moves pay extra cash!


  • When using a Tactical Insertion in the crawl space near the oil derrick on Rust, the player will spawn elsewhere on the map instead of where the Tac Insert was placed. This has been fixed
  • When using KBM, the navigation arrows used to change which Season you’re viewing go in the wrong direction. This has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where the killcam showed the player they were killed by Thermite rather than underbarrel thermite
  • In some cases, Xbox players might experience in-game stuttering after the console has been in Rest Mode and the “Instant On” setting is enabled. This has been fixed
  • Fix for a bug where players could see Daily Challenges rewarding duplicate rewards instead of XP
  • We now show weapon and equipment counts in the killcam. If a player was using Stopping Power, then the ammo count will be orange to denote this. We also show whether a player was using Dead Silence in the killcam as well


  • Increased the max travel time for Crossbow bolts from 3 seconds to 6 seconds for longer distance shots
  • Bolt action rechamber will no longer be retriggered if interrupted after the round has been ejected (this fixes an issue with redundant bolt action rechambers after weapon switches)
  • Removing inaccurate attachment description from Solozero NVG Enhanced Scope: “Optic glint visible to enemies”


  • Amped: Increased Amped reload speeds for the Strela-P, PILA, and JOKR
  • E.O.D: Damage resistance fixes and tuning:
    • Fixed an issue where Thermite equipment was not showing the damage resistance icon even though damage resistance was being applied
    • Stuck Thermite and Thermite bolts no longer have their damage reduced

Field Upgrades:

  • Field Upgrade Pro: Stopped cases where failed Field Upgrade placements would cause equipment to be used
  • Tactical Insert: Added broken Tactical Insert icon that is shown when the Tac Insert is destroyed
  • Deployable Cover:
    • Shotguns now destroy Deployable Cover with 3 melee hits
    • Added damage stats for vehicle and thermite damage
    • Fixed a bug where placing Deployable Cover on a door two times would allow the door to be moved
  • EMP Drone: Allow the EMP Drone to be used at the start of a new round in multi-round game modes
  • Stopping Power: We’ve doubled the amount of Stopping Power ammo given to Akimbo weapons


  • Stun Grenades are now less intense
  • Several fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability

Campaign: While on Embassy, at the Green Beam checkpoint, players would not be able to progress in the mission after using the drone strike. This has been fixed.

Special Operations:

  • Operation Strongbox: Fix for the vault location/crypto key objective markers not displaying on the Tac-Map
  • Operation Strongbox: Fixed a bug that prevented guided rockets from locking onto the enemy helicopter
  • Operation Brimstone: Fixed a bug where objective icons were not appearing on the Tac-Map
  • Operation Crosswind: Fix for sometimes jumping out of the plane into an out of bounds area
  • Operation Crosswind: Fix for enemies not spawning in the plane if one player is outside of the plane during the regroup
  • Operation Headhunter: Fix for Cruise Missile marking teammates as enemy targets
  • Operation Just Reward: Fix for stealth being automatically broken when retrying the Operation
  • Operation Just Reward: Enemy sentries will no longer shoot players parachuting in
  • Rebalanced explosive damage against Juggernauts
  • Fix for a bug where the Double Time Perk was not awarding the correct speed bonuses
  • Fixed a camera bug that could sometimes drift off the while in the pickup truck
  • Fix for icons not appearing correctly when using UAV
  • Fix for exploit involving Molotovs and munitions crates
  • Fix for High Alert not triggering on suicide bombers or juggernauts
  • Fix for throwing knife not killing enemies in 1 hit
  • Fix for players respawning with empty ammo clips/magazines
  • Fix for enemy melee attacks ignoring player armour
  • Fix for Restock perk not showing grenades recharging
  • Fix for Suicide Bombers playing their VO too frequently

Ground War:

  • Fix for a bug that resulted in a player falling through the map upon spawning on a tank as it became full


  • New weapons can be found on the ground and in Supply Boxes: 725 Shotgun, MK2 Carbine (Marksman Rifle),  EBR-14 (Marksman Rifle) and the .50 GS (Handgun)
  • Players who disconnect in Last Stand will now drop their items when leaving the game
  • Fix for a bug where the animation for the player equipping a gas mask will interrupt and block players from deploying their parachute
  • Tuned close up shotgun damage to prevent a single shotgun blast from downing a fully armoured player. Stopping power can still make this happen
  • Added Warzone specific controller button layouts. The Bumper Ping and Bumper Ping Flipped layouts will allow those playing Warzone with a controller to use the Ping feature more efficiently


  • Players can no longer stack self-revive kits
  • Players that are spectating still get plunder payouts from contracts but at only 40% of the value paid to living players
  • Fixes to help prevent hitching when interacting with Cash Deposit Helicopters and Recon Contracts

Battle Royale:

  • Fix for a rare bug that allowed players to equip two riot shields if they had two different camos, but only one would appear on the player
  • Made it easier to see which item is selected while using a Buy Station
  • Updated button layout for equipment while using gamepad
  • Fixed a bug for players are not receiving a banner on the top right of the screen for allies or enemies initiating kill streaks 
  • Prevent bullets that hit the riot-shield from depleting player armour
  • If a player flies the Recon Drone out of bounds, the player will hear the out of bounds countdown timer but will not see the countdown splash on their screen. This has been fixed
  • Fix for various and potential exploits
  • Field Upgrades: Fixed a bug where some Field Upgrades were not ending at the end of the pre-match
  • Players will now get a kill when someone that you’ve downed, disconnects from the game
  • Reduced the amount of cash given for averting a bounty
  • Increased price of Loadout Drop within the Buy Station to $8,500