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Call of Duty
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Call of Duty Warzone release date revealed with first trailer

An update to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare menu has revealed a countdown timer, which reveals the release time of Battle Royale mode Warzone.
  • Activision has confirmed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Battle Royale mode Warzone will arrive 10th March
  • A countdown timer reveals the new mode will go live from 3pm GMT
  • Warzone supports up to 150 players and is free-to-play 
  • Update: 

    Activision has confirmed Warzone will be released on Tuesday 10th March, dropping a trailer to showcase the new Battle Royale mode. 

    Original story: 

    After footage leaked earlier today (9th March), Activision is ready to drop Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale mode on the masses.  

    The game’s previous “classified” menu option has been changed to a 24 hour countdown which is set to end at 3pm GMT (8am PDT/11am EDT). 

    At this time, Warzone will be available to all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players, while those waiting for the standalone free-to-play version will have to wait a little longer.

    Activision clarified the free-to-play downloadable version will drop four hours later at 7pm GMT/12pm PDT.

    The size of the update to Modern Warfare is 15-22GB, while the free-to-play version is a whopping 80-100GB in size - so you best clear some hard drive space. 

    A video, which was set live early ahead of an embargo, showed a bunch of gameplay from Warzone – revealing it will support up to 150 players and feature vehicles like helicopters and trucks.  

    It also spotlighted the Gulag feature, whereby two players are given the chance to re-enter the match after dying through a 1v1 showdown. Other players who have died, meanwhile, can spectate and throw rocks at the players from the sides.

    It's unclear if Activision will acknowledge the mode ahead of this timer expiring, although considering the amount of leaks already out there, it might be pointless at this stage. 

    Call of Duty: Warzone looks set to be released at 3pm GMT on Tuesday 10th March.