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Call of Duty: Warzone - the best landing spots for solo players

Warzone has a new solo mode and that means a change of strategy - here are our best solo landing spots to get you equipped and fighting to the end.
Call of Duty: Warzone - the best landing spots for solo players
Call of Duty: Warzone has only been out since last week, but Infinity Ward has already added the solo mode for those who prefer going it alone with no support and this game mode makes it even more critical to find the best landing spots. 

The solo mode is similar to the trio mode the gulag reviving mechanism is also carried over, but crucially if you die, there’s no option of a buyback because you have no teammates. There are still buy stations and you'd think if the pricing was left up to market prices that the self-revive kit would be super expensive.

Where solo mode becomes difficult is that it’s a free-for-all and all the other players are trying to kill you. With no squad to move with, it’s important to land in the best areas and get properly looted up. So considering the merits of your land spot is vital for your survival.

So here are some of the best landing spots as a solo player and what you can expect when you hit the ground.

Atlas Superstore (Verdansk West)

Call of Duty Warzone Superstore best places to land as a solo player


This is an ideal place for those with a more aggressive fighting style. If you are quick enough you’ll be able to grab some of the abundant loot and make a stand. If not, it’s easy to get killed with the sheer volume of players landing here. Because the superstore is near the centre of the map it is a convenient place to land and makes it easy to avoid the gas circle.

There is also a Buy Zone and Tactical Rover on the south side of the shopping complex.

Call of Duty Atlas Superstore best places to land


Karst River Quarry (Verdansk North)

Call of Duty Verdansk Quarry Warzone


The Quarry is one of the best zones to drop as a solo player. Primarily because of the distances between each of the buildings and the ability to get looted up from just one of these buildings. 

You should be able to spot any opponents that decide to drop in with you and you can either choose to engage or make a hasty retreat. 

The only problem is its remoteness - nestled up in the north-east corner of the map you could find yourself running quite a distance to escape the gas circle.

Thankfully there are four vehicles around the quarry and jeep in the north-west corner, a truck in the middle and another jeep and ATV in the south. Four buy stations mine that even if one player is using one you can leave him be and find another.


Quarry vehicle and buy station


Gorengard Lumberyard (Verdansk East)

Call of Duty Warzone Landing Guide Lumberyard Verdansk East

The Lumberyard in Verdansk East a great drop location for the solo player.

There are at least three loot paths in this walled-off industrial complex giving you the cover and time to loot before either slipping off into the wooded area to the North of taking on whoever decide to land here with you.

The Lumberyard and Warehouse is one particular location and the Rail bridge and Terminus Building are another. Don't sleep on the four cottages either, especially as a solo player.

Three vehicles can be found within the grounds of the yard including two ATV's and a truck.

There is just one Buy Station slap bang in the middle so make sure you know the area is clear of enemies before you decide to go shopping.


 Lumber yard Vehicle and Buy Zone locations


Lozoff Pass (Verdansk: North)

Lozoff Pass Call of Duty Warzone solo landing guide

An area truly off the beaten path, Lozoff Pass has everything you need to get kitted up in the early game. Located in Verdansk: North this small town has a police station and a bank in the area giving you access to plenty of weapons, ammo and money.

The dollar sign within a circle is the bank, the green circle with the munitions is the police station and the piggy bank is your Buy Station. 

We suggest you land police station -> bank -> then Buy Station. 

There are two vehicles in close proximity allowing you to get moving quickly. 

There is also the added advantage of this area being relatively close to the centre of the map so if you prefer to go on foot you will have no problem getting into the safe zone.