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CDL makes Control settings change ahead of Stage 3

The Call of Duty League (CDL) announced an alteration to the Control settings which will take effect with the start of Stage 3 groups.
CDL makes Control settings change ahead of Stage 3
On 22nd April 2021, Call of Duty esports fans is in for a treat as the Call of Duty League (CDL) Stage 3 Groups begin. Just ahead of the CDL Stage 3 start, an alteration to the Control game mode settings has been made. This is, according to the CDL, to reward in-game aggression. For fans, it's always good to know exactly what is going on in a game mode when watching some esports action, so we've got you covered with the CDL Control settings changes.

CDL Control settings change

In the early hours of the morning on 20th April 2021, CDL announced the Control settings change on Twitter. According to the tweet, this CDL Control settings change is rewarding in-game aggression.

This is called a "slight shift" in the Control overtime rules and is based on the "collective feedback" of CDL 2021 pros and Challenger players.


Before this Control settings change from CDL, the team with more combined kills over the first four rounds of play would defend in the fifth round. Now, teams will have to prioritize the capture of points, or ticks, as to not have to be on the offensive in the fifth and final round.

Basically, the team with more objectives (instead of kills) will receive defence if overtime occurs. Furthermore, a team will not receive more time in a round by simply getting a "tick" on the control point. 

Call of Duty League CDL 2021 control settings change(Picture: CDL)

You can check out the full updated ruleset for CDL 2021 Stage 3 (v1.4) by heading to this link.

There have been some mixed reactions on Twitter following this CDL Control settings change. No matter how small, a change just before a big event gets underway will be met with some resistance, at least.