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CDL Stage 4 returns to LAN according to Optic Gaming's Hecz

In a pre-show event before Optic Gaming's recent match in the CDL 2021, the organization's boss revealed that the CDL could return to LAN during Stage 4.
CDL Stage 4 returns to LAN according to Optic Gaming's Hecz
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we haven't seen a return to esports LAN events for obvious reasons. However, with vaccinations rolling out across the globe, more and more esports fans are wondering when we will see a return to LAN for major events. Call of Duty fans will be happy to know that there's a good chance the Call of Duty League (CDL) 2021 Stage 4 might see the first return to LAN for their favourite esports. This huge leak/news comes from an Optic Gaming pre-show.

CDL 2021 Stage 4: A return to LAN?

Speaking during the Optic Gaming pre-show ahead of Optic Gaming Chicago's match against Los Angeles Thieves, the owner of Optic Gaming revealed that the CDL 2021 Stage 4 could see the first return to a LAN environment.

Optic Gaming's boss, Hector "HECZ" Rodriguez, revealed in "The Game Has Changed" pre-show that during Stage 4, we will see a return to LAN.

CDL 2021 Stage 4 return to lan hecz optic gaming(Picture: Optic Gaming)

Hecz comments: "We just got clarity on that. We won't see a LAN event until the following stage (CDL Stage 4) and then after that, the following stage is the Optic Chicago Homestand."

This announcement, however, comes with a caveat. No fans will be allowed for the CDL Stage 4 LAN event.


At the time of writing, there's no indication if the CDL 2021 will return to LAN for the Stage 4 Groups or the Stage 4 Major. 

The Stage 4 Groups is scheduled to run from 27th May to 13th June, while the Major will run from 14th to 20th June 2021.

According to Hecz, the first full LAN event (with fans) could be the CDL 2021 Championship, which at the time of writing has no exact start date.