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Call of Duty
Call of Duty

Celtic FC pick up team for Call of Duty World Championships

Celtic FC will be supporting a team at the Call of Duty World Championships 2019, the largest annual event on the Call of Duty esports calendar.

The event takes place between August 14-18 at the Pauley Pavilion, which is the home of University of California Los Angeles' home basketball arena in Los Angeles, California. The arena has a capacity of over 12,000, and 32 teams are set to be fighting for their share of the $2million prize pool.

Celtic FC esports is currently a partner of eFootball PES 2020, with pro players in the game looking to become the best in yet another year of PES competition. However, this will be the first time Celtic has moved out of sport simulation and taken to the battlefield, picking up the winners of the CWL Amateur Finals in Miami, Florida in July.

The team, consisting of Sean "Seany" O'Connor, Shea "QwiKeR" Sweeney, Ben "Bance" Bance, Byron "Nastie" Plumridge and Sam "Chain" Dineley, will be looking to cause upsets as they're drawn into a group alongside CWL Playoffs winners eUnited as well as Enigma6 and Firesticks Gaming.

Seany and Qwiker are lifelong Celtic fans and aptly named their team "The Bhoys" before being acquired by Celtic FC.

Although there are no other traditional sports teams in Call of Duty esports, we've seen them take on esports at various levels in recent years.

Barcelona has a Rocket League team competing in the Rocket League Championship Series, and FC Schalke 04 is a mainstay amongst the top teams in the League of Legends European Championship. Not to mention the Philadelphia 76ers, Manchester City and the Golden State Warriors, who all have investment in esports at varying levels.

With the Call of Duty Global League and franchising on the horizon, is it possible we see a Glasgow franchise sometime in the future? It doesn't seem an obvious choice, but it may be worth a franchise getting the Scots on side.