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Call of Duty
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COD Mobile Days of Summer: How to unlock H20 Purifier skin

Here's how you can unlock the COD: Mobile H20 Purifier skin by completing Days of Summer challenges.
In the latest COD: Mobile update, Activision has unleashed the Days of Summer event for players to enjoy. There are several nice cosmetic items, and XP boosts to acquire just by playing the game. There's also an awesome COD: Mobile H20 Purifier skin, and we can tell you exactly how to unlock it.


COD: Mobile H20 Purifier skin: How to unlock

There's no current end date for the Days of Summer event in COD: Mobile, so it is best to unlock the legendary H20 Purifier skin as soon as you can.



This awesome skin turns the Purifier weapon into a water gun, and it is arguably one of, if not the best-looking skin in the game right now.

To get your hands on the H20 skin, alongside several other items, including XP boosts, you will need to complete a dozen challenges.



These challenges aren't all too difficult, with four of them just tasking you to spend a bit of time in the game. There's also a beach-theme grenade, and a colourful RPG to acquire along the way as you complete more challenges in the COD: Mobile Days of Summer event.


COD Mobile H20 Purifier Days of Summer
The legendary H20 Purifier skin (Picture: Activision)


To unlock the H20 Purifier skin in COD Mobile, finish the relatively easy tasks below:

  • Play 3 Juggernaut Matches   
  • Play 10 Juggernaut Matches   
  • Select the Highrise map in MP-Featured and Kill 15 Enemies on it  
  • Select the Highrise map in MP-Featured and Play 5 MP Matches with Friends on it  
  • Kill 30 Enemies in Juggernaut Matches   
  • Stay Online for 15 min in total   
  • Stay Online for 30 min in total   
  • Stay Online for 45 min in total   
  • Stay Online for 60 min in total   
  • Play 3 Gunfight Matches   
  • Send 5 XP cards to Friends   
  • Play 5 Kill Confirmed Matches

Once you've completed all 12 tasks in COD: Mobile, you will unlock the legendary H20 Purifier skin, and some other nice cosmetic items along the way. At the time of writing, an end date for the Days of Summer event is unknown, so get to it while you can.