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COD Mobile Season 10 The Hunt Battle Pass: All tiers, cost, weapons, characters, and cosmetics

A new season means a new battle pass, with Season 10's "The Hunt" proving to be one of the most content-rich since the game's release.
COD Mobile Season 10 The Hunt Battle Pass: All tiers, cost, weapons, characters, and cosmetics

The release of Season 10 of Call of Duty: Mobile was hotly anticipated with two new maps, a new game mode, as well as the usual batch of new weapons and characters to unlock.

COD Mobile Season 10 The Hunt Battle Pass weapon skins
(Picture: Infinity Ward)

Alongside the release of the new season, there was, of course, a battle pass that went along with it with "The Hunt" giving players yet more content to get their teeth into.

With 50 tiers of free and premium content featuring new characters, weapon blueprints, and a whole lot more there is a lot to cover.

So without further ado here is a full breakdown of the Season 10 battle pass.

How much does the CoD Mobile Season 10 Battle Pass cost?

Season 10 The Hunt battle pass price cost
(Picture: Infinity Ward)

  • Premium Battle Pass price is 560 CP
  • Premium Battle Pass 12-Tier Advantage costs 1280 CP
  • Premium Battle Pass 50-Tier Advantage costs 4400 CP

Free Tier Rewards

Season 10 The Hunt Rewards cosmetics
(Picture: Infinity Ward)

  • Tier 14 -  Equalizer Operator Skill - Dual SMG with built-in suppressors
  • Tier 21 - Echo Shotgun - a close-range weapon with continuous fire and a large magazine
  • Tier 31 - HS0405 – Forest Floor
  • Tier 41 - M16 – Forest Floor
  • Tier 46 - Safety First Weapon Charm

Premium Tier Rewards

COD MOBILE Season 10 Battle pass tiers
(Picture: Infinity Ward)

  • Tier 1 - Mara - Valkyrie, GKS – Scion, Black Widow Weapon Charm
  • Tier 12 - Outrider - Amazonas
  • Tier 30 - LK24-Backwoods
  • Tier 35 - Makarov - Splinter  

(Picture: Infinity Ward)

  • Tier 20 - RPD – Carnivorous
  • Tier 40 - XPR-50 – Arachnophobia
  • Tier 50 - Echo – Demon Eyes, Mace – Tombstone, Calling Card – Fatal Attraction
  • Various Tiers - New Epic "Bloodline" themed weapons

When does the Season 10 The Hunt Battle Pass end?

(Picture: Infinity Ward)

According to the in-game countdown on the Battle Pass tab, the season should end on 14th October at 8 PM EDT.

The new season usually starts 24 hours after the last one ends, which means Season 11 will probably begin at 8 PM EDT on 15th October.

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